Swiggy’s dig on Zomato & Uber: Audacious or a great marketing technique?

Industry experts say that Swiggy's take on Zomato while being cheeky brings out the fact that they have larger mindshare in the food tech space

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Updated: Jan 24, 2020 1:44 PM


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Last year, one of the main trends in the marketing industry was Moment Marketing. The strategy of curating creatives around current events and occasions had become a marketing tactic. Moment marketing helps brands leverage the buzz around a current digital trend to showcase what they have to offer. Swiggy the food delivery giant is one of the brands to jump into the moment marketing bandwagon and has curated a quirky digital ad, conceptualised by a Swiggy follower to steal, out of all things, its competitors’ thunder.

On 21st January 2020, the food delivery giant Zomato India announced that it acquired Uber Eats, which was on the lookout for suitable buyers for the past quarters. Swiggy and Amazon were also on the list of potentials, but it was Zomato that finally made the cut.

After the acquisition, Zomato and Uber Eats jointly launched a creative “together is better” to mark the new chapter.

Rival Swiggy leveraged the moment with a digital ad in the colours of the India flag, mimicking the Zomato-Uber creative: “We’re still what India Eats.”

This bold statement by the brand was noticed by Swiggy users who retweeted and re-shared the creative on social media platforms.

e4m asked advertising, brand and digital experts to share their views on the moment marketing creative conceptualised by a Swiggy follower and how the brand will leverage from the same.

Sharing his thoughts on the bold creative Raghu Bhat, founder and copywriter, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi remarked, “In topical communication, context is everything. This post will make sense to the limited number of people who know that Uber Eats has been acquired and can make a connection with that event. Swiggy is well within their rights to applaud the gobbling up of a competitor and what better platform to do it than their social media page?”

Talking about the yesteryears, Sanil Jain, Co-founder, CupShup explains that back in the days Coca-cola and Pepsi would have their ad-wars on billboards, today you see it happen more often between rivals on digital media.

“Burger King and McDonald's, Netflix and Amazon Prime, Zomato and Swiggy and so on, all have their fair share of the sparring match once a while. That being said, Swiggy's take on Zomato-Uber, while being cheeky, still brings out the fact they have larger mindshare in the food tech space. Swiggy has been on an innovation spree with the launch of Swiggy Stores, Go and Cloud Kitchens, while Zomato has been on an expansion spree, thus the acquisition of Uber Eats”, shared Jain.

Sameer Makani, Co-Founder, MD, Makani Creatives added, “As we know, Zomato is very prompt in creating relatable content that is worthy of grabbing the attention of the target audience. Amidst the dealing and fluctuating market structure, Swiggy makes away with their recent ad which is quirky, thoughtful and also relatable with the current scenario.”

He also applauded the use of tricolours, ahead of the Republic Day. “India’s love for food and patriotism has been combined well in this creative advertisement. Full points to Swiggy for promptness and creativity.”

But some experts are wary of taking the moment marketing route. Shourya Ray Chaudhuri, Managing Partner & Creative Head, Tonic Worldwide is of the opinion that moment marketing is a good tact for brands to make sure they are relevant to the audience. Ray, commenting on the creative and the marketing tactic said, “It takes some bravado by the brand team to okay a voice on a said topic. However, it doesn't really do much to the brand apart from giving its audience a giggle or two. So in all, it's a good strategy for brands that share the personality to pull something like this off. Else, keep off the path.”

Keegan Pereira, Creative Director, Togglehead says, “Brands like Swiggy, Durex and Netflix have a very strong USP and are flexible to make strong statements whenever the opportunity arises. Similarly, brands that don't enjoy these positions, especially in the overcrowded beauty and luxury categories find it awkward and hard-pressed to do so. The moral of the story: Join the conversation, but it's better to own them. And Swiggy has been owning it of late.”

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