Our bikes and helmets can go where billboards cannot: Nishchay AG, Bounce

The director of bike-rental company Bounce, Nischay AG talks about the brand's unique "dockless" model, marketing strategies and their new initiative -- bike and helmet branding

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Published: Feb 6, 2020 8:13 AM  | 5 min read

Bengaluru- based bike rental company Bounce is working on a mission of making daily commute stress-free by providing smart mobility solutions. Bounce which launched their dockless scooter sharing solution in the year 2018 provides a seamless solution to improve connectivity within metropolitan areas. In recent months, Bounce has started working on a docked model in smaller towns bridging gaps in public transport.

 The brand, which operates more than 20,000 electric and gasoline dockless bikes and scooters in nearly three dozen cities in India, has raised $105 million in funds recently.  It has also launched a digital campaign ‘That’s the way to move’. In 2019, Bounce crossed 10 million in total rides.

 In conversation with exchange4media, Nishchay AG, Director at Bounce spoke about the campaign, the unique ‘dockless’ model of the brand, marketing strategies and their new initiative of the bike and helmet branding.

 Expounding on the brand “dockless” model, Nishchay said: “Dockless is more accessible and rider-friendly due to its availability within the user vicinity and can take them to their destination without any ‘last-mile walk’.

 Bounce operates through a mobile application available for free. New users are first verified before being allowed to book a ride. It is mandatory to follow the two-step verification process wherein a user uploads his or her driving license and photograph which are then verified at the backend.

 “To book a bike, a user needs to open the application, locate the nearest bike (at an average distance less than 220 m) and hit book. On booking, the user receives a unique one-time-password (OTP), valid for 20 minutes. The user, on reaching the booked bike, enters the OTP and our proprietary in-house technology unlocks the bike. A user can ‘Pause’ & ‘End’ the trip by using the same OTP. Payment for the ride is calculated based on time and distance for the trip and completed via digital methods,” said Nishchay.

 Bounce has developed in-house technology to make a ride as easy and environment-friendly as possible.

 Speaking further on the technology behind the brand he said, “The IOT sensors help Bounce with real-time information on each bike in the ever-increasing fleet. Sensors for fuel, battery and location along with tow and crash alerts help Bounce in providing a truly seamless service. Bluetooth enabled sensors to provide an additional layer of information.

 Remote access and live GPS tracking coupled with around-the-clock in-house customer support team help resolve any issues for the users ensuring smooth customer experience.”

 With over 20 million rides completed, Bounce has helped in creating a vivid geospatial mapping of cities with a real-time understanding of the movement of people. This mapping has also helped Bounce in demarking clear no parking zones, which trigger a warning to any erring user.

 Commenting on the recently-launched digital campaign ‘that’s the way to move’, he said, “We did a campaign during the brand’s launch with Danish Sait, (a popular stand-up comedian from Bangalore) and that has created a lot of buzz. It has helped in building a lot of awareness among the people. Now, we want to push the brand to the next level and educate more people about our service. Bounce products are not designed for a specific set of people, everyone and anyone can use it. We have a partnership with very metro stations in Bangalore. We are enabling people to be more efficient in every aspect of life. We want to communicate this use case to people, hence the campaign was launched.”

Speaking further on the marketing strategies of the brand, Nishchay said, “Our major strategy is the novelty of the solution. It has an irreversible effect on the end consumer. Digital media is used for major communications. We are exploring various other options like OOH. At the same time, we are exploring some campaigns in newspapers. We might explore TVCs in the near future. We utilize Radio as a medium on and off.”

 Bounce is also creating an advertising platform through co-branding on scooters and through helmet wraps.

 “We are a great platform to create value for partner brands. We have opened up for other brands to advertise with us. We started selling our vehicles as a medium of advertising. This acts like moving billboards. The value we are deriving out of our own assets, we are passing on to other brands for a certain cost. Many brands have come on board and have launched campaigns with us. Few of them include Netflix, Google, Amazon, Acko, Zomato, HDFC Bank, Ampere electric vehicles, Indian oil etc.”, he added.

 The bike and helmet co-branding has its own benefits, according to Nishchay. “Helmet marketing is fairly new compared to traditional media marketing. It quickly gains the attention of passersby. Dockless model for bikes helps to create a network effect, which exponentially increases brand presence as it reaches places where a billboard cannot reach.

"With a self-owned fleet as large as Bounce, a brand promotion at a city level becomes convenient and exponentially impactful. With the regulation intricacies involved with billboards in Bangalore, it acts as a safe and impactful method of advertising,” he said.

 The brand has raised $105 million funds recently. “The funds are utilized for improving our technology, improving markets and customer experience. Also, for launching a new line of businesses for our consumers. Our idea is removing the baggage associated with mobility. Our expansion plans are to enter into more Tier 2 cities and expand into more Tier 1 cities,” he concluded.

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