Kokuyo Camlin launches new campaign #IamAnArtist with BC Web Wise

The campaign displays a mix of introductory videos and content featuring real people with their Fluid Art paintings

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Updated: Aug 25, 2020 4:21 PM

Every one of us who is not an artist has experienced criticism of their attempts at creating art, causing low self-confidence in their creative abilities. With an attempt to help these so-called ‘Unartistic people’ rediscover their creative confidence, the legacy art brand Camel introduces their Fluid Acrylic Colours - a series of 3 varied kits which contain ready to pour colours, used for exciting Fluid Art. While art or painting makes someone worried about the result that would unfold and holds them back from trying, the Fluid Acrylic Colours kit invites both novices and experts to express their artistic side. Kokuyo Camlin has launched a new campaign named #IamAnArtist in association with BC Web Wise.

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The campaign displays a healthy mix of introductory videos and content featuring real people with their Fluid Art paintings. A series of Tutorial Videos helped our audience to understand the fluid art process and unleash their artistic side. The campaign has received a lot of love and appreciation from fans and has sparked conversations on our social platforms.

Through this campaign, Camel has encouraged fans to take their first step in expressing themselves artistically. It seamlessly presents the experience of art in a therapeutic form and acknowledges every artist’s effort. The campaign is a reminder for every person to unleash their inner artist and simply let creativity flow with the Fluid Acrylic Colours. The product offers fans an opportunity to escape from the stress of everyday life and express themselves through their art, so they can proudly say #IAmAnArtist with Fluid Acrylic Colours.

Rishi Kakar, Chief Marketing & Strategy, Kokuyo Camlin, “Not everyone is born an artist! But with the Fluid Acrylic Colours kit, now, anyone can become one.  The power of the fluid art kit is that it helps anyone regain their creative confidence, by creating an artwork without having any training in the arts! The kit can be enjoyed by students, adults, housewives, senior citizens, just about anyone who would like to indulge in the magic of fluid art. Through the launch campaign, we are looking to reach out to all those who were too scared to take that all important first step in expressing themselves creatively and gave them just the right push to try their hand at creating a masterpiece, that’s unlike no other.”

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder and MD, BC Web Wise added, “Camlin has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovations in the field of art supplies and has been introducing Indians to the latest trends from the world of art. And, their latest offering, the Fluid Acrylic Colours has gone a step ahead in reaching out to both the artist community and others who traditionally have no connection with the world of art! The product helps in breaking the barriers of art as something that’s associated only with the classes, and is making it more accessible to the masses.”Dinesh Swamy, Chief Creative Officer, BC Web Wise mentioned,  "Camlin’s Fluid Acrylic Colours was a one-of-its-kind product whose story was waiting to be told. The insight came to us when we tried out the product and saw the results for ourselves. Literally every member of the team felt that they were artists and that was the insight that led to the thought - #IAmAnArtist

"This campaign saw beautiful storytelling told from the lens of individuals who experienced the magic of art for the first time, thanks to Camlin’s Fluid Acrylic Colours kit. All the creatives used in the campaign were made by first-time artists, who have had no training in art. " 

Yorick Pinto, Creative Director BC Web Wise mentioned, "We've all heard the saying 'I'm not artistic'. This product gives individuals the perfect canvas to express their creative side, regardless of their skills, talents and training in the field of art. With this insight, the creatives literally flowed. In order to make our creatives and posts look genuine and not staged, we used people from backgrounds which had little to do with 'creativity'. In fact, the creative copies were real    expressions of these people when they tried Camlin's Fluid Acrylic Colours for the first time." 

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