How Bacardi amplified its brand message 'Do What Moves You' through music creators

A look at how Bacardi became synonymous with great music experience in India by partnering with the right kind of musicians to advocate their brand message

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Updated: Feb 10, 2020 7:50 AM
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The Bacardi brand is known for its flagship music events. Just last year, the brand introduced the Casa Bacardi concept in Mumbai and Bangalore. It was an immersive platform that brought artists under one roof and united cultures. This experiential marketing venture was well received by consumers.

The other major event is the NH7 Weekender festival, which takes place every year in Pune. It is safe to say that Bacardi lives and breathes music. This helps in generating a greater brand presence with the music fraternity. The brand fosters a strong bond with musicians like Ritviz and collaborates with upcoming content co-creators across genres to effectively communicate the brand message of ‘Do What Moves You.’

Bacardi has been producing music videos for Ritviz under the BACARDÍ Sessions banner, right from when he had a few hundred followers, until today when he has more than a hundred thousand. This journey with the brand began in 2017 when Ritviz Srivastava shot to EDM fame with his hit track "Udd Gaye", discovered by the BACARDÍ House Party Sessions campaign.

Since then, he has released his 1st album Ved and produced hits like "Jeet", "Barso", "Sage" and "Liggi’" All the music videos of these tracks, produced under the Bacardi Sessions banner, have crossed a million views within their first week.

This goes to show that by choosing the right content creators and building up a strategy to develop them as brand custodians/ambassadors, the brand can receive impactful returns and consumer presence.

Bacardi doesn’t see the challenge of not getting to advertise on TV about their liquor portfolio but uses music events, digital marketing, and influencer marketing to the best of their ability.

But how does BACARDÍ pick the right set of music influencers for the brand's IP events? Anshuman Goenka, Head of Marketing Bacardi India remarked, “At BACARDÍ, we’ve always embedded ourselves in emerging culture spaces. We, therefore, believe in working with artists who are not only part of this narrative, but also stand out from the crowd and push the boundaries of the genres they drive. This enthusiasm to connect with spontaneous, expressive and creative individuals is the same ideology that laid the foundation of our global campaign ‘Do What Moves You’.”

In India, the brand has collaborated with artists like Ritviz or SickFlip to connect with individuals who aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound. Goenka explained, “This is amplified through our content-curator model that encourages unique content without interference from the brand, an ideology that attracts artists with similar synergies. BACARDÍ House Party Sessions operated on this very principle where we discovered Ritviz and other artists like Ape Echoes and Gurbax.

"Casa Bacardi, the Caribbean-themed immersive experience, was another great example where they had Soca and Dancehall artists like DJ Leandro, MS Sheriff, Sindhi Curry perform. These were all unconventional artists with distinct, unique sounds that make them stand out in their genres. This zeal to push the envelope is what really gets us moving."

Goenka listed the key factors in selecting the right influencers in the music space that resonate with the brand's value: “Building equity takes years of both consistent interest and investment. We understand that seeing real business impact will require a long-term assessment of our efforts. Hence, when we assess the benefits from our campaigns, we look at brand upliftment scores and other equity parameters using measurement tools.”

Goenka added, “We’ve backed some of the most relatable and viral content over the years, and has consistently worked with artists, are proud to say that over 80 per cent of Bacardi NH7 Weekender attendees have a strong brand recall and resonate with the fact that Bacardi stands for great music experiences. Going beyond numbers, the fact that artists benchmark their success after having performed at BNH7 Weekender is a testament to the kind of lasting legacy and impact we’ve created in India’s music scene.”

Bacardi began its journey in India began back in 1998. A decade later, they have progressed to revolutionising the festival culture in India with the country’s first multi-stage, multi-genre music festival – Bacardi NH7 Weekender. Goenka said, “Clocking the 10th- year milestone in 2019, we take immense pride in having built not only one of the most anticipated festivals in the Indian calendar, but one of the firsts to provide a mass platform for indie artists in the country. This festival helped us understand the gaps that these talented artists face leading to BACARDÍ House Party Sessions, an avenue for independent artists to create, develop and promote their music with the benefit of every resource possible. Through this platform, we worked with and made several new friends within the indie scene, many of whom were also part of CASA BACARDÍ, and who brought alive ‘Do What Moves You’ by celebrating niche genres like Dancehall and Soca.”

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