Brand Factory's Free Shopping Weekend campaign is based on personalisation

Roch D'souza, CMO, Brand Factory, shares insights on how UGC has amplified the brand's Free Shopping Weekend event

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Published: Dec 3, 2019 9:09 AM  | 4 min read
Roch Dsouza Free Shopping Weekend

Brand Factory’s Free Shopping Weekend will commence from 4th December and will continue until 8th December. The digital campaigns for FSW have been conceptualized by Ideate Labs who have been with the brand for the last 4 years.

For the Free Shopping Weekend, the brand is banking on personalisation leading to a large variety of User Generated Content. This campaign aims to achieve a turning point which will yield the highest foot traffic-people coming to the store in 4 years.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the brand is coming out with FSW. Speaking about how growth has been over the years, and the impact it has brought for the brand, D’souza remarked, “From the first edition until now in terms of numbers we have grown drastically. Besides that, it is not a property that is only for us it is something that even the consumers look forward to. On social media whenever we do a campaign, the question that comes to us is when are we doing FSW. Hence the entire positioning of the campaign this year is about that. From the moment we launched it the response that we get through our registration and ticketing is a true test of how big this has grown. From a business point of view, it is the biggest property that we have. It exposes us to a different set of consumers. It also gets a lot of chatter around the brand.”

This year the entire campaign for FSW is based on personalisation. “We have personalised communication for the consumer. We have gone through our social media post right until 2016 and churned out a lakh of these consumers who have commented on something positive or negative. If it is negative we have responded to that and given them an opportunity to shop first from 2nd December onwards and if it is positive we have customised the message to a positive response and created a personalised video with the consumer's name. We have created a song on the basis of what the consumers have said about FSW on social media. We have 100 of these messages and we have started posting and tagging them on it.”

Brand Factory tags itself as a digital-first brand. “The belief that it lies in digital comes from how the consumer response, interacts and consumes content from us. We are already a digital-first brand but we want to continue doing much more than what we are doing now. The traditional media which is Print and TV builds awareness and scale. Digital is all around storytelling and building the entire property around a big story that we wanted to convey. The positioning of the campaign comes a lot through digital”, commented D’souza.

Talking about the new- emerging marketing trends that have come about this year, D’souza explained, “Tier 2-3, is a big market in terms of how content is consumed and how involved the audience is. If you look at how Tik Tok has suddenly boomed, it has not boomed because of the Tier 1 markets. It is purely boomed because of Tier 2 and 3 markets and how involved and engaged with that medium they are. From content and how the social space is moving that is one big piece which is a big shift. Many brands today are seeing digital as the first choice of medium purely because if you want to convey your message in the shortest, quickest and most engaging manner. Two years back, Digital was one of the mediums of the campaign. Today, brands and marketers have understood that they need to make it their first choice. The ones that have adopted it 2-3 years back are seeing the fruits of it now. For us, we didn’t see it as a medium to reach out to someone but we realised that we need to create a brand identity around it. We are big on Moment Marketing as well. We have done this before and now have enough and more engaged consumers for the brand. That gives us the confidence to use digital.”

“The whole thought of this campaign is around UGC because personalisation will not work if it is not backed with UGC. We believe that the 1 lakh audience members we are reaching out to will help us reach out to a 10 lakh audience. In terms of what they say on how we reached out to them and how they will react once they have shopped with us. It is a 10 fold jump we expect from this campaign. For a campaign, you need a bit of honest UGC to be generated. That honest UGC has to have an intent from the brand, if today the consumer feels the intent they will start talking about it”, signed off D’souza.

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