e-Content Jam: 'Give relevant and good content to audience, they will surely engage'

Shantanu Bhanja, CEO, Consumer Products, Pidilite Industries, talks about their initiative #CraftingMemories launched during the lockdown

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Published: May 30, 2020 9:13 AM  | 4 min read

Content Marketing has become a potent part of a brand’s marketing plan. In the times of COVID-19, content marketing has been amplified more than it was before as it plays a huge role in ensuring brand salience.

At the third edition of e4m’s Content Jam, which was virtual, Shantanu Bhanja, CEO, Consumer Products, Pidilite Industries, shared an insightful case study on their initiative ‘Fevicreate Crafting Memories’ launched during the lockdown period.

Starting off the session, Bhanja said, “It is a great time to connect with consumers in a content environment rather than the usual way of marketing. This is really about getting into the consumer’s life with content and therefore directly engaging with consumers.”

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. Because what we are doing is not just sharing an advertisement or communication. Through the act of storytelling and content, you are providing a connection,” Bhanja remarked.

According to him, the fundamental aspect of Content Marketing is that it fulfills a need in the consumer’s life. “Then it gets consumed and then it gets integrated into the life of the consumer. In many ways therefore, content can serve the needs of entertainment, education, service, etc. If it fulfills an emotional need in the backdrop of a social-cultural context, then it becomes a part of that positive association and becomes a part of the life of the consumer," shared Bhanja.

In the COVID times, he feels, brands should be making relevant and responsible content. “Brands should share content people can use or that can provide solutions to their problems. This becomes relevant to the consumers. Also, be consistent with what you have been. Suddenly in the content marketing situation, if you try to be a very different person, it will create friction in all the other touchpoints. Consumers will not be able to recognise your brand and the brand messaging and relationship will be impacted. Be restrained. Try to be different and relevant in your communications as with everything else,” he advised.

In the current context, Bhanja remarked, that it is a time of uncertainty and anxiety. “We are all stuck together in the house. For a child, it is a very cruel time. They are not playing, they can’t go out and do things they want to do and therefore it is a time when children are very anxious. As a parent, one has limited resources because they are also stuck at home. That is the context in which our initiative came about," he explained.

Talking about the conceptualisaion of the initiative, Bhanja said, “Fevicreate was about creating a platform that helps parents spend time in a memorable way with their child. Fevicreate is a platform that provides art and craft content to all schools and parents. This was in order to incorporate creativity in children. This is the time that children have the most time to be creative. This is the time where parents can engage with their children. It was about helping them be creative with many different art and craft products like Fevistick, Fevicryl, Rangeela, and many of our brands. The core idea was about getting them engaged in the pursuit of creativity. The initiative we designed was for parents to spend time with their children by engaging in crafting activities to create happy memories. It is a positive way of choosing to remember the lockdown.”

Bhanja shared that they partnered with Momspresso, a platform for mothers, for whom this content really mattered. “Every mother who we spoke with during this period talked about the fact that they would like to keep their children busy. It was making content creation with the parents and children possible. Influencers, both big and small, were included; everyone from Shilpa Shetty to Neha Dupia. Most of them gifted us with beautiful videos as parents playing with their children making #CraftingMemories. That is how it started and became viral. We topped it off with a daily contest to keep the spirit up and we got fantastic feedback," he remarked.

Through this initiative, Pidilite garnered 10 million+ video views in those weeks which was beyond the numbers they had set for themselves. They had 1.5 million engagements and people shared their ideas and creations with the brand on social media.

On a parting note, Bhanja said, "Provide good and relevant content to the audience, they will surely engage and talk about it further in their social circle. They will be inclined to engage with the brand in the future too."

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