Changing times call for a change in marketing plans

How brands should adapt their proposition to cater to the evolving consumer landscape

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Updated: Jul 10, 2021 10:11 AM

The world is seeing significant changes in how we interact with people and brands. At the forefront of this change is Gen Z (people born between the mid 90s and early 2000s) who are now becoming financially independent and new targets for brands. Consumers today are no longer looking for a sales pitch. They want to be inspired by the brands they consume. So, how should brands adapt their proposition to cater to the evolving landscape? 

Do you care?

Indian consumers are leaning towards conscious shopping with 79% consumers making preferences based on brands’ social responsibility, inclusiveness and environmental impact. Brand loyalty has become highly dependent on the brand’s actions and it is really important for brands to convince the consumer that they are aware of their social responsibility and are willing to go the extra mile to fulfil it. 

Brand campaigns need to keep up the consumer mindset. Taking a stand for the things that the consumers believe in will go a long way in developing brand loyalty. At the same time, it shouldn’t seem like you are pandering to them just to win their loyalty. 

Conscious Campaigning

Greenroom has had the opportunity to work with brands who understand the need for conscious campaigning, brands that have consistently stood behind the right causes and messages.

CloseUp’s #FreeToLove campaign is one such example. #FreeToLove was Valentine’s Day campaign where the message was simple and clear - everyone should have the freedom to love anyone. 

The campaign was inclusive and featured influencers of different ages from across the spectrum. Its sweet and straightforward messaging was well received by the audience with the campaign garnering over 3 million views. 

Another example of such campaigns is the #FarButTogether campaign that we worked on for Brooke Bond Red Label. This is a brand that consistently stands up for social issues and we had the opportunity to work with them during the peak of the pandemic in 2020. 

The campaign encouraged the audiences to be kind to those fighting from the frontline with a simple gesture of sharing a cup of tea with them. The heartwarming message connected with the audience and the campaign garnered over 3 million views. 

Way Forward

It’s important for the brands to evolve with their audience and the best way to do so is to speak to them in their language on issues that matter to them. Brands can do this by partnering with the influencers that their audiences relate to. This automatically helps them connect with their audience through the influencer that they already engage with. The times have changed and it’s high time for brands to show that they care.

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