Pulp Strategy launches augmented reality mobile app

The app adds a new dimension to experiential marketing campaigns and enables adding digital content to printed media

e4m by Shree Lahiri
Updated: Aug 6, 2012 8:26 PM
Pulp Strategy launches augmented reality mobile app

Pulp Strategy Communications has launched its augmented reality mobile app, which is currently available for Android and iPhone users. This app enables adding digital content to printed media. With an increased penetration of smart devices in the youth, the app allows the static creatives and collaterals, traditionally used in on ground activations to be infused with interactive digital experiences.

“For Pulp Strategy, this app is a solution, an innovation for our clients, to integrate their brand activation campaigns,” said Ambika Sharma, Managing Director & CEO, Pulp Strategy Communications. Brands will be able to use this app for connecting with the young audiences and consumers during their marketing initiatives. “The app will find much synergies with the digital natives and young audiences. As it is a smart phone app available on Android and iPhone, that's the audience,” she added.

Besides, this app will also “add zing and value to ground campaigns”, Sharma added. Experiential marketing has many installations on ground, each campaign has a number of creative sets on ground, for example, posters, standees, kiosks, elaborate stalls, floor branding, drop downs, backdrops, and so on. These are static reproductions. Now the same creative when coded into the app platform can turn into a video or a social button. “The next time marketers plan for that poster creative in campus, or that big branded wall in a mall activation, or even brand merchandise for a campaign, we can bring alive each piece of static creative digitally for their consumers,” she added.

The thought is not new, RFID bands for check-ins have been used in activations before, however, they are device restrictive and cost per user piles on if one scales up. It needs physical equipment presence to drive any engagement/ check-ins. This mobile app is device agnostic, Sharma said, adding that all it needs is that the consumer has a smart phone and once planned, it can scale up to unlimited consumers. It can be used ‘unmanned’, which means it is not necessary to have a promoter/ brand representative drive the experience. “Essentially, the added delight in experience for the consumer comes at a negligible cost as part of the ground campaign. It integrates, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn for social media,” Sharma further said.

She also said that Pulp Strategy offers a white label solution, wherein the app will be named after the brand. The company is expecting marketers with brands that target the youth in India in the 15-35 age group, who will find the app relevant and effective; plus brands with a strong digital and social presence.

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