When it comes to communication, the future lies with AI chat bots: Ninad Takpere, Gupshup

Takpere, VP - Sales, Gupshup, delivered a special address on 'Delivering OTT experience directly to subscribers’ messaging app inbox' at e4m Streaming Summit 2022

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Updated: May 13, 2022 1:54 PM  | 3 min read

In his special address at the e4m Streaming Summit 2022, Ninad Takpere, VP - Sales, Gupshup, spoke on the importance of conversational messaging and engagement in OTT space, and why it is required to deliver a better consumer experience for OTT customers.

Takpere shared his valuable insights on 'Delivering OTT experience directly to subscribers’ messaging app inbox'.

According to Takpere, there were sevral reasons that led to the growth of users in ott space. 1) The country witnessed an explosive growth in mobile smartphone penetration, with almost 700 million users currently. 2) Another remarkable thing that has happened is availability of affordable data, beacuse of Jio. 3) The third thing which contributed to the dramatic acceleration of the entire digital adoption was pandemic, not only for the businesses but for the users as well. Within the three years' time that we have witnessed it has accelerated by five times so far. 4) A notable increase in UPI transactions. The OTT platforms have received close to 5.6 billion UPI transactions last month. 

"All of these clearly show how digital platform has gone through magical transformation, along with a spike in the number of users we had previously underestimated. We can easily see that all media platforms are rapidly expanding, and users are spending more time on digital platforms,” he added.  

He further said, “It is expected that the OTT industry will surpass 5.5 billion users in the next four years. According to the study, more than 27 percent of viewers or customers  during the pandemic period who have had digital native experience will not be reversed, indicates that the change has become irreversible so far.”

With these kinds of massive eruptions in terms of digital platforms, the overall interaction of the consumers on any digital platform has gone above 52%. He noted, “About 52% of the interactions are digital in nature. With this kind of massive growth, there is a lot of pressure on digital platforms like OTT players to extend the fantastic experience for the users.”

According to him, “At the same time, there are multiple language barriers that an OTT platform is supposed to cross. This needs immediate attention. While the content there is in the language of users' preference, the communication to the user hasn't been in the language of their preference. So this is again creating a lot of pressure on OTT brands in terms of creating communications in their preferred languages.”

He also said that it's important for the brand to engage with the user throughout the journey in a manner which is required but achieving it is a challenge. “Talking to a user with a human effort or human in the loop is going to be a very difficult task for brands. That's why intelligent chatbots helping in building conversations and engagement on the communication channel on behalf of the brands is required.”

Today the bots are doing a fantastic job in terms of understanding a user, making sure that the users' queries are resolved. “Future lies with these intelligent chatbots with artificial intelligence capabilities. There is a lot of personalization which could be achieved with customized content.”

He further added that the brands need to scale up their communication and engagement. “At Gupshup, we believe in helping the OTT brands with technology. We have pre-integrated more than 30 Plus IP-based messaging channels. Here, we have built an artificial intelligence stack, which leads to a conversation layer for the brands to engage with the users in their preferred manner.”

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