Short-form content is a big part of our content strategy: Ridhima Lulla, Eros Group

Chief Content Officer, Eros Group, on Eros Now's first original comedy series, reception to its short form content and code to crack original content strategy

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Updated: Sep 20, 2018 8:56 AM

After months of anticipation Eros Now, the over-the-top (OTT) platform by Eros International is finally out with its first original series called 'Side Hero', an eight-episode comedy series directed by Rohan Sippy.

The show will be out on September 24. It stars actor Kunaal Roy Kapur as a fictionalised version of himself, trying to become a lead hero to prove that acting is not just a ‘hobby’. Its pilot was first released in 2015, but the show finally made its cut this year with a new pilot. Ridhima Lulla, Chief Content Officer, Eros Group, shares the reason behind the three-year-hold, reception to Eros Now’s original short form content until now and content strategy:


Why did it take a while for ‘Side Hero’ to be launched?

Rohan (Sippy) and Kunal (Roy Kapoor) came to us with the idea in 2015. We shot the pilot then (something which we do for a lot of our series). We tested and got different reactions from audience across India. So it was necessary to shoot with our recent learnings and implement those changes to make the story stronger. So it was completely shot this year. The pilot was reshot. It took a while. All shows need that much time in development and writing.

How will ‘Side Hero’ stick out from the rest especially in the comedy genre?

We don’t have fun, situational modern comedy. That was the kind of thinking behind the show. Rohan and Kunal have written a lot of it themselves. A lot of it is improvised. As a platform we didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously. We want people to just have fun. This show definitely does that.

Who is its TG?

It’s primarily targeted at the youth because they understand this sort of situational self-deprecating comedy. It does relate to other people. Older people find it funny as well.

What’s in store for the future?

We will be announcing something soon. The next original will be out next month. It will be interesting as it will cater to a wider audience. We have got some exciting things lined up in the teen space in the next two years. We have been working on it for quite some time.

We don’t want to restrict ourselves to any genre. We want to go from comedy, drama to mythology and fantasy.

How has the reception been to the platform’s short-form original content so far?

It’s doing really well especially the ‘Black and White Interviews’ with the film cast where we ask them fun things about their life. This is because content is not enough on its own. It’s nice to get to know the people behind the content.

What is the code to crack the original content strategy in India’s digital space?

There is no code to crack. Content speaks for itself. ‘Meri Nimmo’ on its own is enough to make people want to watch it. In ‘Sacred Games’ writing was its hero. So it all depends on the story. Supporting new talent and writers, making them the heroes of your show are something I have tried to implement within our content strategy. This is our brightest time to shine. As long as you pick the right people to work with and the energy is good between them, the product will eventually speak for itself.

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