Screenage: Brand & sales lift metrics best measures of mobile campaign: Sandeep Verma

Sandeep Verma, President, Bajaj Corp, spoke on ‘The Mobile Marketing Performance Dilemma’ at Screenage Mobile Marketing Conference 

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Updated: Nov 2, 2018 8:37 AM

How can marketing professionals decode the measurement puzzle to understand the ROI in mobile? Are marketers and agencies collaborating enough to grow the mobile marketing pie? What can be done to grow the mobile marketing spends in India?


These are some of the most important question facing the marketers in the mobile domain today, and they were answered by Sandeep Verma, President, Bajaj Corp, as he took to the stage at Screenage Mobile Marketing Conference held in Mumbai on Wednesday. 


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Speaking on topic ‘The Mobile Marketing Performance Dilemma’, Verma explained how mobile advertising is a massive opportunity today and talked about bringing in efficacy & efficiency in mobile campaigns.


Explaining why collaboration between marketers and agencies is very important, Verma said, “Consumers actually get about 300 feet of content on their mobile every day, which is almost the height of the Statue of Liberty. So they are using their thumb to climb the Statue of Liberty daily.”


“Now the question is how do you break through this 300 feet of content? Marketers need to be brave to stand out. They need to be strongly creative, and this is the domain of the agency. Another thing is that marketer need to be contextually relevant. Third important thing is that you cannot resize or rejig content. You have to create content for mobile, and for this, both agency and marketers have to work together.”


Taking the discussion a step further, Verma spoke about three things that can make collaboration between agencies and marketers better-- sharing, trusting and upscaling.    


“Sharing of relevant data will help in maintaining both efficiency & effectiveness of creative. For marketers, it's important to share relevant data with agencies,” he said.


Another point that he made was that one should share research but not overdo it. “Don't use data just to quash creativity or to show your masterful knowledge over everyone else,” Verma said. “The goal of data is to help you connect with human being on an emotional level to influence their behaviour,” he added.


Talking about agencies, Verma explained, “The point is just don’t show what technologies you have, rather show why it's relevant for the brand. It's important for a marketer to use technologies to further the brand’s consumer engagement effort. But agencies should not just dazzle the marketer with the latest technology. They should show them how it can be used for the brand.”


Further, he shared some interesting data on the growing mobile marketing spends. People across APAC spend almost 2X the time on their mobile screen than on TV, but mobile gets only around 20 per cent of the total media spend in APAC. And in India, this number is around 7-8 per cent.


“According to facebook, mobile ads with duration of even 0.92 seconds are effective in driving brand awareness, brand consideration, key message recall and purchase intent. Brand and sales lift metrics are the best measures of campaign effectiveness on mobile,” he added.


Some important facts shared by Verma on mobile marketing opportunity in India

  • Penetration of mobile internet is high in India (Rs 32-35 cr)-- penetration among urban, SEC A, B almost 100 per cent.
  • Jio fixation is leading to penetration increase even in rural and SEC C, D
  • Time spent by people on mobile is very high, approximately 3 hours a day

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