Samsung, Flipkart & Practo ride 'Game of Thrones' wave, launch inspired campaigns

Keeping the popularity of the show in mind, brands like Flipkart and Samsung have launched various campaigns around the new season of Game of Thrones

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Published: Apr 28, 2016 8:06 AM  | 4 min read
Samsung, Flipkart & Practo ride 'Game of Thrones' wave, launch inspired campaigns

Popular TV series-- Game of Thrones, could easily be one of the most anticipated TV shows in the world. Recently, it was announced that the new season of the popular show would air in India just a day after it was aired in the U.S. Keeping the popularity of the show in mind, brands like Flipkart and Samsung created various campaigns around it.

Here are some brands that used innovative campaigns during the launch of the new season of the TV show.


Coverfox is a company that provides financial services by comparing and selling the best suitable insurance to its buyers. They used the launch of’ Game of Throne’s to target customers by publishing various pictures of characters and captioning them in a sequence which read , “You aren’t safe when you know nothing about insurance, get the knowledge and research to survive because time and people just cannot be trusted. Those who are careless – Lose”

Speaking about the campaign, Jaimit Doshi, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Coverfox, said, “The idea behind using GOT in our campaign is no rocket science. It is a very popular Television show and we just thought of connecting the two things we love the most. We are currently reeling under the response of our followers on Facebook. We have got our maximum shares and a good number of likes for this campaign. People are coming back to us and telling us they loved it. On social media you have to sometimes entertain and not always sell.”   


Practo used its health care ideas with characters from Game of Thrones. Known for their health app that helps to locate medical assistance anywhere in India, Practo considered asking its Facebook followers if they required any assistance for something as minor as a cold to how to control your anger and even indicating that they provide assistance to reduce the habit of drinking.

Highlighting the immense reach of the show, Mihir Karkare, VP, Mirum India said, “It is fine to have campaigns like these. I got a sense that too many people have done it and it is cluttered. Though I could say that the artwork is beautiful, but there is an overkill of the campaigns on social media platforms. There is no newness either and I see nothing coming out of it.” He also raised concerns about copyright issues when brands use these characters in their campaigns and also thinks that the Practo campaign stood out from the rest.

Elle India

Elle India took to Twitter and Instagram to connect with all those GOT fans who would be tuning in to watch the new season

Samsung India

Samsung India jumped onto the bandwagon on Twitter and used Game of Thrones’ character Jon Snow as their wallpaper showing a low battery on their new phone Samsung Edge and their wireless charger being used to charge the phone. The other campaign showed a big screen Samsung phone as the tweet read ‘The struggle for the throne may continue, but with Samsung screens, you already reign supreme. #GameOf Thrones.’


Flipkart took to twitter to tell its followers about how good their return policies could be. Working on the suspense over the return of Jon Snow, Flipkart captioned his picture and stated “Thankfully, our returns are never uncertain” while their tweet mentioned ‘Great to have #Game OfThrones back on TV’

According to Gautam Mehra, Business Head – Social Media, iProspect India, “My reaction is mixed. I am happy that we have franchisees that makes content marketing more serious. We do not take content marketing too seriously and do not spend enough on it. It’s good to see more content creation.”

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