MoEngage & AppFollow launch playbook to decode customer engagement during crisis

The playbook is a compendium of expert insights on how businesses can rebuild their strategies to drive growth

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Updated: Jul 18, 2020 10:39 AM
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had severe implications for businesses across verticals and regions, something one could not have fathomed. While the world still comes to terms with the “new normal”,  multiple industries and business verticals have witnessed the effect of a shift in consumer behavior, both positive and negative. 

The mobile app economy is another matter, as mobile app session times and installs saw dramatic increases and decreases varying across industries. Now more than ever, businesses- small, medium and large need facts, data-driven insights, and real-life examples of how brands are adapting to this change in consumer behavior and how to not be tone-deaf to consumers in their brand communications.

A global playbook published by MoEngagea nd AppFollow on how brands can rebuild and essentially bounce back to pre-crisis numbers, sustain or accelerate their growth. Quite recently, a COVID-19 Business Impact Report was launched covering the business impact of the pandemic on 12 industries across 5 regions, with a vision to offer data-backed quadrant mapping for various industries to understand what growth trajectory they’re on.  

This playbook essentially will help businesses with the following: 

  • Expert insights from 10+ industry verticals including BFSI, Online Shopping/Retail, Media and Entertainment, Mobility, Gaming, Travel and hospitality
  • Analysis on the paradigm shift in consumer behavior, spending pattern, and confidence/attitude
  • Engagement Frameworks providing brands 3 paths: - Growth Sustaining, Bounce-back, Growth Accelerating
  • The brand Path Assessment Checklist
  • Ready-to-implement strategies from marketing experts across 50+ global brands
  • Thought leadership, expert insights, proven tactics, and real-world success stories from brands across verticals and geographies
  • Brands insights from: Asus (Vietnam), PhonePe, 7Mind, Zoomcar, Landmark Group, JimmyBrings, IMVU, ixigo, Deliveroo, Babbel, Zurich, 8Fit, CASHe, CoinDCX, and more.

 What’s your App Adoption Trend: Growth, Slowdown, or Unchanged? 

Despite the lockdown, quarantines, curfews, and travel bans in many countries during April-June did not result in a decrease in the spread of the virus. Although businesses across regions are slowly opening up their operations, consumers are still hesitant to step out and are uncertain.

To understand this better, the playbook includes a Path Assessment Checklist which consists of few questions that will help a business map the right path — growth path, slowdown path or unchanged path.

 A Path Assessment Checklist which consists of few questions that will help a business map the right path - Engagement Frameworks providing brands 3 paths:
- Growth Sustaining (for verticals observing unprecedented growth during crisis, viz. Entertainment)
- Bounce-back (for verticals observing unexpected growth viz. Travel & Hospitality)
- Growth Accelerating (for verticals with neither surge in growth nor heavy decline viz. BFSI)

 Expert Insights

To understand the App Economy better, industry experts and leaders from  50+ leading global brands have provided their insights on how businesses might fare with lockdown relaxation on rebuilding their strategies to drive growth.

Additionally, the playbook also contains detailed how-to sections on engagement, analytics, and optimization. To help you better implement these strategies- tool suggestions have also been included.

Download the Playbook Here get insights from experts across 10+ industry verticals

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