Marketing on TikTok and other social media trends for 2020

A survey by Hootsuite has identified five key social media trends for the year

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Updated: Jan 7, 2020 3:48 PM
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Hootsuite has come up with annual report on the latest global trends in social media.

The survey is based on an annual survey of 3,110 marketers, interviews with industry analysts, and research.

The survey has identified five key social media trends for 2020.

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Brands strike a balance between public and private engagement
The rise of private behaviours like messaging, while being important, has not diminished the importance of public social media feeds, which remain a critical space for brand discovery and customer acquisition. The key is creating a seamless experience across both worlds, while balancing automation and human connection to build deeper customer relationships at scale.

Employers take centre stage in a divided world
As our world becomes increasingly divided, employees are looking to their organisations to make things right. Progressive organisations will take advantage of this new role, building strong internal cultures, amplifying their company purpose with employee and customer advocacy, and putting to work the inextricable link between employee and customer experience.

TikTok shakes up status quo
TikTok continued its meteoric rise in 2019 but only time will tell if the hype will last. TikTok’s popularity brings valuable insight into the future of social culture, content, and collaboration. Social marketers should keep an eye on TikTok, while using these insights to adapt their strategies on established networks for the next generation on social.

Social marketing and performance marketing collide
It has been found that social marketers are facing increasing pressure to expand the scope of their skill sets. Established champions of brand awareness and community building must also become fluent in performance marketing. The challenge will be finding balance, building out holistic skill sets that can drive both short-term conversions and long-term strategies to build brand equity, customer happiness, and differentiation.

The social proof gap closes
ROI and measurement continue to be persistent challenges. However, this year we uncovered three best practices that high-performing organizations are following to advance their understanding of social attribution and gather the data CMOs need to elevate the strategic priority of social in their go-to-market strategies. They unite social data with other data for a holistic view, they focus on omnichannel integration, and they borrow established attribution models from other channels.

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