LinkedIn enters publishing space, aims to make site more interactive

LinkedIn to launch the Daily Rundown notification plan to ensure that members never miss the day’s top headlines and stories being shared and talked about in their network.

e4m by Akshata R Murthy
Updated: Sep 28, 2017 8:05 AM

LinkedIn on Wednesday introduced the Daily Rundown feature and the ramp-up of video for the Indian market. These new features, which are already available in a few other countries, are now being customised to suit the site’s Indian members. “All these apps are currently free as of now,” said Akshay Kothari, Country Manager & Head of Product, LinkedIn India.

Daily Rundown, which was first introduced in the USA, allows a member to receive the day’s trending professional news, curated by LinkedIn’s India editorial team. The Daily Rundown notification plans ensure that members never miss the day’s top headlines and stories being shared and talked about in their network. Giving more details about this feature, Ryan Roslansky, VP Product, LinkedIn, said, “About 95% of the content is coming from publications in India who dominate. The editorial team focuses on a few vital things. One is creating content which suits the professional network today but also the sort of content that will create more conversations and discussions.”

When asked about the content that is already available and the key parameters that differentiate this feature from the rest, Dan Roth, Executive Editor, LinkedIn, said, “First of all, our editors come from huge publications and we are a professional network. The heart of LinkedIn is the professional profiles that are there on the site. This data revolves around that and we will not be giving you trade news. We want people to not just read but to give their point of view. For example, the Flipkart news was big and we knew this would start conversations.”

LinkedIn Videos allow members to share their experience and perspectives in a new format. Available across mobile and desktop versions, members can natively upload videos and share their ideas, learn from others and jump-start new conversations. After they post a video, they can get audience insights such as the top companies, titles and locations of viewers who have watched the video.

This feature is currently not available on LinkedIn Lite and when it will be made available, we will ensure that these videos are easily accessible and do not add load to the Lite version,” said Kothari.

When asked about the marketing strategies for these products, Kothari said, “For now, we’ll be launching these products and see how they grow. We’ll be paying close attention to all of these as they wrap and see if these aspects are working well for us. For example, we are already seeing a lot of people using the Daily Rundown and video innovatively and a lot of conversations happening too. We are thinking of other ways in which we could push this content through other mediums. If you see a notification about these in your app, it could be a way in which we are trying to push this content to you. The other aspect which is paid marketing is something we have not done yet. Currently, we are leveraging our platforms and distributing these features.”

Additionally, LinkedIn has launched ‘Career Advice’, a new service now available in Bengaluru as the first place in India. This new service helps professionals seek career advice from potential mentors, whom they can connect with on the platform. Currently being pilot tested, Career Advice is available in San Francisco and Australia, apart from Bengaluru.

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