Indian digital space saw 10,000 advertisers this festive month: Adby Ventures Report

97 per cent of the desktop and mobile display market is yet to adopt video advertising. This indicates the low penetration of video as an ad medium on the internet, possibly because of being a relatively newer medium

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Updated: Oct 20, 2017 8:41 AM

The Indian internet ad space saw more than 10,000 advertisers in the last one month. Almost half of this (5,000 advertisers) advertised on both desktop and mobile display  in this period. Video advertising too saw an increased adoption with approx. 1,100 advertisers advertising on YouTube alone in the last month. This was part of a research done by Adby Ventures, a company that provides internet media intelligence for publishers and advertisers.

With the spike in festive ad spending, certain categories witnessed a stepped-up play on YouTube. According to Adby,consumer electronics brands like Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Bajaj Electricals, Oppo, Apple & Nokia – who were already top video advertisers on YouTube in past months - significantly upped their play last month. BigBasket, Amazon and Flipkart were the biggest ecommerce advertisers on the platform in this month. Internet TV businesses like Netflix and AmazonVideo took a backseat as advertisers this month making space for the electronics and ecommerce play.
97 per cent of the desktop and mobile display market is yet to adopt video advertising. This indicates the low penetration of video as an ad medium, possibly because of the internet being a relatively newer medium and because it requires more marketing wherewithal to execute a successful video campaign. However, video formats have been behaving as an exclusive media channel too with 75 per cent of video advertisers not stepping into desktop display or mobile advertising at all, said the report. 

As can be seen in the above chart, India still lags behind geographies like the US and UK in digital and mobile spending.While the internet media is heating up as a choice for advertisers, there is a long way to go. A study of internet advertisers in the same period in the US geography makes our domestic numbers look tiny. In the same one month period that India witnessed 10,000 display and 1,100 YouTube advertisers, US registered 120,000 display advertisers and 7,000 advertisers on YouTube. The domestic numbers are currently much smaller compared to the internet economies of France, Italy, UK, Germany and some of the other developed countries too.

"Fueled by the mobile revolution, the number of Internet users in India has surpassed its equivalent in the US. It is now second only to China. But only a fraction of this population is engaging in buying services and products off the internet right now. Penetration of eCommerce (including travel) is only 25%  of our internet population, which in itself is only 30% of the country's population. However, this penetration has been showing all signs of inflexion and will catch up with the rest of the world sooner than we think. We are to see a whole new order of business and marketing happening on the medium in the coming years," says Vivek Singh, co-founder of Adby Ventures.

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