IAA Congress: Pranav Mistry gives a glimpse of future technology

Mistry, Head-Think Tank Team & Global Vice President-Research, Samsung, spoke about the future of mobiles and wearable information technology

e4m by Tasmayee Laha Roy
Updated: Feb 25, 2019 9:40 AM

Setting the stage for further innovations in the time to come, computer scientist Pranav Mistry, head of research at Samsung, spoke at large about the future of mobiles and wearable information technology at the 44th edition of International Advertisement Association (IAA) World Congress in Kochi.

“Tablets is a concept going on since years and can be dated as ancient as 5500 BCE. It is the same now, just the technology and mediums are changing. Today's technology is more interactive, unlike TV and radio. And tomorrow it is going to be further different. The medium is on a constant change cycle. It is the information part that is stable,” Mistry said.

Talking of reality, augmented reality and virtual reality, Mistry said, “Now is the exciting time where the urge of information will stay the same but the tech will keep upgrading and it will help us shape tomorrow. The industry is catching up with new technologies. All things happening in our phone over google, can happen in real world. Things, places, people and everything we see around is filled with information and like we google them today, the information will be available in the augmented reality space with the help of wearable IT gadgets. When you walk through the streets or you are at a super market, you will not just see things and people but also be flooded with information on each of the elements around you. That day is not far,” Mistry added.

Mistry also spoke on the negative effect of technology growing in leaps and bounds. Speaking of striking a balance and using technology well, Mistry said, “We, creators and promoters of technology have to be responsible and ethical in a way that tech and content doesn't become a problem for the users.”

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