How can brands harness the power of digital advtg? Experts reveal mantra...

Marketers need to think of digital from various aspects such as business, experiences, technology, measurement and volatility, share industry experts

by Saloni Surti
Published - May 15, 2013 6:55 PM Updated: May 15, 2013 6:55 PM
How can brands harness the power of digital advtg? Experts reveal mantra...

Advertising is all about human expressions and stories. It is about getting not only the content right, but also the context of the content right – digital can play key role in achieving this objective.
Digital has now evolved as an effective advertising tool that delivers quality results when used correctly. Asha Shekhar, Senior Manager – Integrated Marketing Communication, Coca-Cola India expressed that digital can be used for one of the most important and priceless element now – gaining attention. In a sea of messages and communications, digital can help in create unique identity and also in gaining insights from the consumers.

“Consumers do not speak only negative. They also say positive things and share ideas,” remarked Shekhar. Through digital, marketers can also keep a tab of how consumers perceive a particular campaign.

Without digital data, Coke Studio would probably not enter India this soon. Shekhar shared that four years ago, statistics showed that 60 to 70 per cent of search in India for Coco-Cola was for Coke Studio Pakistan. It was then that the property was bought to India. Not only that, all the Coke Studio content was created for television; however, the content became a major hit online and witnessed digital success.

While, Shekhar elaborated on how digital can be a monitoring tool, Namrita Sehgal, Director of Internet Marketing, Taj Group explained how digital gives users an opportunity to know about a particular product or service from their friends and family. Taj’s digital landscape consists of 50 per cent search, 20 per cent media and 30 per cent social; however, the figures are now inclining more towards social.

Sehgal pointed out that one third of India’s travel is booked online and thus when consumers’ research online, they count on unbiased user reviews. Brands can look at using peer influence in a very effective manner across digital.

Taj used the peer influence strategy to advertise their Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. A couple who came to visit the palace was interviewed and the video of their experience was used as digital advertising material to promote the place.

About 150 plus million users are now online and the number is expected to reach to 300 million in 2013. Punitha Arumugam, Director – Agency Business, Google India expressed that to harness the power of digital advertising and attract these online consumers, marketers need to think of digital from various aspects such as business, experiences, technology, measurement and volatility.

For example, the cost of customer service faced by a bank was 1 to 1.5 dollars prior to the advent of ATMs. With the arrival of ATMs, it fell to 30 to 40 cents and once digital banking made entry, it became one cent.

Digital advertising gives marketers the power of understanding what consumers want. A well thought and executed digital strategy can help brands keep up with today’s ultra fast society.

Asha Shekhar, Namrita Sehgal & Punitha Arumugam shared their views at a conference organised by Indian Society of Advertisers, Mumbai on Harnessing the Power of Digital Advertising

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