Firework launches Open Story Page to help creators monetise content

Through the platform, every creator, publisher and brandcan own their own dedicated pages and start monetizing immediately regardless of the number of followers of the page

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Updated: Aug 20, 2020 12:46 PM

Open web short video platform Firework, today announced the launch of the Open Story Page. The Open Story Page is an innovation that is poised to create a paradigm shift in the way creators, brands and publishers derive reach and monetisation in the short video space until now. 

Firework, a silicon valley based startup that is rapidly growing on the open web will enable unprecedented control, ownership and monetisation capabilities for creators and publishers with their Open Story Page. 

CEO of Firework India, Sunil Nair said “Firework fully understands the gaps in the short video space and with OSP (Open Story Page), that changes the dynamics in the way creators, publishers and brands derive value in the short video space. Firework has built the next-generation short video platform that uses the open web – meaning, an app is not needed for the content to be consumed. The OSP will be a framework on which Firework will further innovate and build unique capabilities to further empower the creators and partners. It will truly be a game changer in the business and will re-define the ecosystem and relationships within.” 

With the Open Story Page every creator, publisher and brand, can now, own their own dedicated pages and start monetizing immediately regardless of the number of followers of the page. Firework’s unique stream-share enables that capability. Any content residing in an OSP automatically gets visibility across the wide global network that Firework has built in collaboration with publishers, apps and OEMs. It also offers ownership to creators to independently build branded content without any involvement from Firework. Revenue is generated in two ways – via the views across the network and via the advertising on their OSPs. This means that the creators do not have to wait for a follower base to build for their content to start generating revenue. This is a radical departure from the existing modes followed by social video apps. If a creator works with a brand independently, they can retain 100% of the revenue and Firework only comes into play if they or the brand wants the content to accumulate video views inorganically. 

While Firework believes that each creator is an entrepreneur, they also understand that any entrepreneur or a professional can also be a creator and pioneer the Occupation Generated Content (OGC) category which focuses on professional and entrepreneurs who can showcase their trades and skills on the platform and use Firework’s reach to enhance their trade. Firework hosts the largest number of OGC content globally and the OSP will power them immensely. 

Firework is the only short video platform that operates on the Open Web and enables them to derive limitless reach capabilities through their 400 plus partners across the globe. This unrestrictive reach coupled with the platform’s content moderation policies and technological innovations set the platform, its creators and partner publishers to see explosive growth and witness the paradigm shift in the short video space.

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