Digital is exploding in India like never before: Sunayan Mitra, Nestle

Screenage 2021: Sunayan Mitra, Director Coffee & Beverages, Nestle, South Asia Region, spoke about fingertip marketing

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Published: Oct 25, 2021 8:52 AM  | 4 min read
sunayan mitra

"Mobile is very much the way forward for us and today as it encompasses our life," said Sunayan Mitra, Director-Coffee & Beverages, Nestle, South Asia Region, at the e4m mobile marketing virtual conference Screenage 2021. Mitra was speaking on the topic: 'The world at our fingertips- The science and art of fingertip marketing.'

Mitra began the session by explaining the terms science, art, and marketing and how we can differentiate them.

“We all have our ways of interpreting, and I interpret them as: science being the thought while art is the expression. So, in marketing, we have the thought coming from consumers; their behaviour, and how their needs can be fulfilled. Art is how we express that thought so that consumers can comprehend it. Marketing is this science and art of exploring, creating and delivering value to satisfy the consumer’s needs."

Mitra shared that while launching a campaign in India, they often think of how many languages they need to work on? India is defined by diversity. But suddenly, digital has unified the consumers and often there is one language that reverberates across town classes & languages and resonates with all be it a superstar or a commoner, be it somebody staying in metros or somebody staying in the villages; all this is suddenly possible in this new ‘fingertip world.’

Talking about catching the attention of the consumers, Mitra said it is content that will define how engaged your audience is and how much he/she is willing to listen to you as a brand.

“In 2000, the attention span was 12 seconds which came down to 8 seconds in 2013, and if you look at GenZ today, it's 2.8 seconds. That's the kind of attention span we are dealing with today. Hence it is extremely important that the content we have is meant to engage with our evolving consumer behaviour on digital.”

"Now digital is a reality and it's exploding in India like never before. India is today the number one data-consuming country and a big reason for this is that the data cost here is one of the cheapest across the globe. With Jio coming in a few years back, the data costs were reduced 17 times. These are exciting times for marketers. Data shows that on an average, Indians check social media 13 times in a day. They also remember and recall the content on news feeds after seeing it for 0.25 seconds. Businesses get direct messages on social media. Also, 83% of  users on Instagram have discovered new products on the platform."

Giving an idea about how consumers behave through the day, Mitra shared that according to the data, 70% check mobile phones on the go, whereas 20%, when they are in the “leaning forward” mode - that is during the day and the in-between breaks, and 10% while relaxing, that is leaning backward.

“So, as marketers, there are three ways in which we make a grand message stand out. On the go is the immediate one since people don't have time to do too much at that time to interpret complex messages. The second way is by being interactive, when consumers would like to engage with brands and reply on social media. The third one is when they are ready for an immersive experience.”

"The pandemic has accelerated the journey. While TV has also gained, digital has seen exponential growth. With smartphone prices as low as Rs 3000, India expects to have 1 billion users by 2025. Mobile has become an extension of life's choices. Consumers want to express their views and there is FOMO (fear of missing out)  among today's youngsters so keeping a track of trending topics is extremely important for brands,” shared Mitra.

“Content is the king. Brand should know the platform’s format and it should communicate with or without sound. The brand has to be visible in a non-intrusive way  while communicating.”

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