Content designed for Indian kids will be the next big trend for 2020 - Prashanti Malisetti

Prashanti Malisetti, Founder and CEO, Pixel Pictures, says there is a huge access gap between kids in India and the West in terms of information, non-institutional learning and entertainment

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Updated: Jan 3, 2020 9:04 AM
Prashanti Malisetti

2019 was a pivoting year in India in terms of content creation. Deeper penetration of internet changed India, enabling ‘many India’s’ access to different kinds of content. This increased the demand for different kinds of content by varied sets of people.

As content creators, this is a great challenge and an opportunity in 2020. OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and several others have already begun the trend of creating personalised content, relevant to certain audience sets. Big data helps us understand consumer preferences in a much better way and the person is served content that is of exclusive interest to only that person.

However, when it comes to information, non-institutional learning and entertainment, I believe there is a huge access gap between kids in India (especially the Tier 2 and 3 Cities) and the West.

A few years ago, a TV was almost always seen in a household’s living room, access to it and the content available to a viewer was, however, limited. This isn’t the case today, thanks to the boom in the regional TV channels, catch up TV and VOD platforms, easy and pocket-friendly internet plans.

Though a few platforms in the country cater to kids in the pre-school age group, a growing number of children in ages 5 to 12 are still left with old, tired and recycled content to consume, none of which helps the kids to develop their unique worldview or in remodelling the culture of childhood. In a world where knowledge is power and ignorance is not an excuse, it is important to empower and engage the curiosity of the young minds, while constantly encouraging them to take pride in their identities, despite differences in language and culture.

There’s no argument on how web content is revolutionising the world of entertainment, the unrestricted (often private) access is possibly the reason why the Internet has gained strength over the last two decades even amongst children as it satisfies the thirst for knowledge that an average 7-year-old craves for. With open access to the internet, the overwhelming information is sometimes likely to distract the child from the knowledge that would actually benefit them.

Cartoons are great for children. And there are numerous learning videos on the internet. But this is not sufficient for the ‘many Indias’. What about the 10-year old in a remote village in Uttarakhand, or a remote town in Tamil Nadu? While they both belong to the same country, their perspectives and understanding of the world is vastly different - geographically, culturally, linguistically.

This will be the next big trend in 2020 - content that is designed specifically for Indian children. Content that will be not just entertaining but also informative and can help develop various skill sets.

In today’s bleeding-edge, virtually dominant world, it is a necessity to create a safe and secure space for children with regard to their viewing habits and to give them the right perspective.

Pixel Pictures will also be entering this space, creating a VoD platform focusing on kids. Our OTT Platform is designed specially to give children under 12 an immersive experience which is both entertaining and educational as well as gives parents the comfort and security of a safe space to explore the content for their children is the next venture, we are most excited about. It’s a space where we encourage children to dream with their eyes open and we can’t wait to weave those dreams with them!

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