Brand Idea installs Live LED & non-LED screens as part of OOH activation

Idea 4G – India ka Live Network campaign focuses on the power of Live video in bringing about a societal change 

by exchange4media Staff
Published - Mar 12, 2019 1:06 PM Updated: Mar 12, 2019 1:06 PM

Public behaviour is often dictated by “Who’s watching” or “Kaun Dekh Raha Hai?” Hiding behind the veil of anonymity, people often display improper behaviour, which gets immediately corrected when they know they are in the public glare. 
Jumping traffic lights, throwing garbage from car windows on the road, smoking in public areas are a few common examples of improper public conduct and behaviour. People generally do this thinking no one is watching them. But as soon as they realise that a traffic police or the concerned authority is around, or public is watching, they immediately tend to change their behaviour. 

This is the change that Brand Idea is aiming to bring about with its latest Idea 4G – India ka Live Network campaign. It shows that when the camera is on and people are watching others are on their best behaviour. Today, people are spending majority of their time watching online videos or staying in touch with their friends over social media. Live video is becoming a tool not just for entertainment but also to bring a societal change. 

People are soon understanding the power of 4G and video technology and are challenging to bring a social change with ‘Live video’. ‘Idea 4G-India ka Live Network’ campaign is demonstrating how people can use the power of Idea 4G to tackle bad behaviour observed in everyday situations that we come across in our city such as unprofessionalism in office or littering the streets and beaches. 

Speaking about this campaign, Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Idea Ltd., said, “The way we behave is often dictated by who is watching us. The fear of ‘Log kya kahenge’ is inherent amongst all. With live video streaming gaining popularity, especially amongst youth, we are positioning it as a powerful tool to nudge positive changes in behaviour. With Idea 4G - India ka Live Network, we are encouraging people to use the power of our network and its live video streaming capabilities in HD to drive change by creating positive outcomes from every negative situation in and around them.” 

Brand Idea through several OOH innovations across the country is highlighting the importance of responsible behaviour on the road. In some cities, Idea has designed innovative outdoor hoardings with an in-built camera to capture live footage of the road traffic. 

Knowing that they are being watched Live on the large screen, people are likely to be on their best behaviour and follow traffic rules responsibly. A unique LED installation with city specific messages have been put up in cities like Rajasthan, Gwalior, Chennai and Gujarat. 

Similarly, a distinctive non-LED installation with city specific messages has also been put up in cities like Delhi, Punjab, Kerala, Mumbai and Hyderabad. With this innovative hoarding, Brand Idea is sensitising people not to break traffic rules and stay safe on roads.

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