At Josh Talks, we curate content to meet diverse demands: Supriya Paul & Shobhit Banga

The platform's founders share they are looking at designing shorter content models for their 16 million subscribers who prefer quick and easily digestible content

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Published: May 24, 2022 8:30 AM  | 4 min read
Josh Talks

“At Josh Talks, we believe in creating inspirational content and we’re doing it in 10 regional languages, with 85 million monthly views. This includes YouTube, which is our primary means of distribution and also across our other social media channels,” explains Paul.

Founded in 2015 by Supriya Paul and Shobhit Banga, Josh Talks is India’s leading regional content and upskilling platform. It hosts content in 10 languages. And now with an ever-increasing audience base, the company is branching out into several new areas.

The company is also planning for expansion with the introduction of new categories in 'Districts and Dialects'. “For example, for Hindi channel, which is our major channel, a lot of our audience is from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Because of the huge youth population there, we’ll be launching Josh Talks Bhojpuri, which is our first dialect. Then at a district level, we will be creating content specific to five districts in Bihar, because we’ve witnessed a desire for extremely hyper-local content from the population there,” says Paul.

Another way in which we are planning expansion is by not only providing inspirational content but also information content as our target audience did not have access to a lot of news and content because of its availability only in English. “We launched a financial literacy channel late last year called Josh Money, and it became one of our fastest-growing channels, with over 100,000 people subscribing within 100 days,” she adds. 

“We’re also looking at shorter content models, whether it’s a short-video platform like Moj or YouTube shorts. Again, because there’s a lot of diversity in terms of who watches what type of content, we have to curate it accordingly,” says Paul, noting an increased interest, especially among younger audiences, for quick, easily digestible content.

“There’s definitely a cultural divide among different regions of India, and we have to keep that in mind when it comes to content, and how we market it. Earlier, we thought the kind of content we do in Hindi would work in Telugu and Marathi as well. When we delved deeper into what the aspirations of people are, we found it completely different and then decided to cater to those unique needs,” adds Paul.

Since its inception in 2015, the platform has been enabling youth to excel in their lives by giving them access to relatable role models. Currently, it is providing content under three categories which are Josh Talks Aasha (focuses on empowering Indian women with relevant information), Josh Maati (showcases stories from the grassroots), and Josh Money (empowers the audience on how to manage money and all things related to personal finance).

Across all channels, there are 16 million subscribers, and the content is viewed by over 1,00,000 people every day. The majority of this audience (around 80%) is in the 18-34 age group, with the remaining 20% split across older age groups.

The key to this mass-market appeal is for the company to create video titles, thumbnails, and tags that are extremely SEO-friendly and region-specific. A lot of the speakers, all experts in their individual fields, are contacted by Josh Talks’ resources team, while others have reached out to the company itself as its popularity has spread. The company is also associated with various organisations. To run a segment, the most recent collaboration we have is with the Indian Army.

“We have partnerships with different branches of the military at a national level, as well as public sector organisations like MyGov. From the private sector, we tied up with PR agencies, influencer marketing companies, and film studios,” says Paul, adding that Josh Talks recently associated with Sony for their highly popular Shark Tank show, which involved getting all the ‘Sharks’ to share their life stories and domain knowledge.

Keeping pace with the growing demand for online education and upskilling, the company has also recently launched Josh Skills. Designed for 18 to 30-year olds, Josh Skills is an Android mobile app that helps those in Bharat to speak English, develop personality, success stories and business tips from business leaders, and more. In the current FY, it has clocked total revenue of Rs.11 crore with 1.3 crore as EBIDTA. Going forward, it aims to reach Rs. 31 crore in revenue while building visibility among international markets, especially in the US and Japan.

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