Why so serious? Cadbury 5 Star offers the perfect cure in latest ad

The new rib-tickling ad by Cadbury 5 Star, sans the famous duo of Ramesh & Suresh, urges people to get rid of seriousness from their lives with a dose of chocolate treatment

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Published: Feb 19, 2014 7:59 AM  | 3 min read
Why so serious? Cadbury 5 Star offers the perfect cure in latest ad

Cadbury India steps out of the familiar zone of the Ramesh-Suresh duo in the latest campaign for its 5 Star brand and takes seriousness head-on. The ad depicts seriousness as a ‘social disease’ that needs to be treated and pitches 5 Star as the revolutionary new treatment for seriousness.

The ad traces the genesis of seriousness and how it assumed endemic proportions, before revealing 5 Star as a solution in the typical style of a pharmaceutical advert, with a doctor demonstrating how the chocolate brand works on the body and brain to cure seriousness.

The ad opens with a voice-over saying that centuries ago children were born happy. It shows newly-born children laughing out loud. But one fine day, a dangerous disease changed everything and children were born ‘serious’. The ad shows several children behaving seriously, like grown-ups. A doctor then introduces the cure to this problem – a bar of 5 Star. The chocolate bar cures a grumpy boss and the ad ends with the line, ‘Cadbury 5 Star andar, seriousness bahar’.

Watch the ad here...

According to Abhijit Avasthi, National Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, the brand has always entertained people with a sense of levity and lightness. However, this time the brand has a launched a new campaign to cure seriousness. “People in India have become too serious and they take every situation seriously. 5 Star wants people to get rid of this self-imposed seriousness and, therefore, we have launched this anti-seriousness campaign,” he said. He also added that Ramesh and Suresh are still very much associated with the brand.

The brand will shortly roll out other elements of the campaign spawning across multiple media, which will help consumers experience the new brand advancement across all relevant touch points.

Is the anti-seriousness stand intriguing?

Expert take
Raghu Bhat, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications remarked, “I was intrigued by the baseline – ‘Seriousness Bahar’ and found it interesting. The anti-serious brand platform is loaded with possibilities and can be a polarising, disruptive point of view, which can find many takers. However, I wasn’t able to completely understand how Cadbury 5 Star can get rid of seriousness. Also, the film is packed with so much that it takes more than a couple of viewings to get the message. The visual device of using grown up faces on baby bodies is something that people might find hard to comprehend. On the flip side, the product section is absolutely smashing. I particularly loved the device of a hand holding the 5 Star like an injection. Compared to Ramesh-Suresh, this campaign requires a bit of figuring out as the storyline is more complex.”

Our take
Ramesh and Suresh, the two very popular and hilarious faces of the brand, have reinvented 5 Star and ads featuring the two iconic figures have always been endearing. But the brand has widened its canvas and has decided to cure seriousness through the new ad.

The campaign is based on a powerful insight that people have become too serious in life. They should rather be free of pressure and shrug off the seriousness that follows them everywhere. The campaign uses humour and comic relief to cure this disease that is plaguing everyone.

The ad uses characters that are noticeable and will attract the consumer’s attention. The ad ends very well when the doctor shoves a bar of 5-Star like an injection down the grumpy boss’ throat to cure his seriousness. It is a well-executed ad that will garner eyeballs.

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