What worked for T-Series World Cup anthem Dil Se Khelo?

Mind Frame India’s creative director Shahnawaz Ali talks about the jingle, the hook step, and how the campaign was shot and conceptualised to capture the World Cup craze 

e4m by Noel Dsouza
Updated: Jun 12, 2019 8:45 AM
Mind Frame India ICC World Cup 2019

This ICC World Cup season many brands are leveraging on catchy anthems to amp up the Men in Blue’s performance. 
Working on this insight, ad agency Mind Frame India, which provides advertising and digital marketing solutions to brands, has created a catchy anthem for the campaign ‘Dil Se Khelo’. 

Mind Frame India has also conceptualised the song. The agency has also recorded for brands like Aditya Birla and others. The song has been written, composed and sung by Shahnawaz Ali the agency’s creative director. He has also been signed by T-Series for this peppy jingle. 

The ad film has been shot in various parts of Mumbai and features people representing the aesthetics. 
The song has received tremendous response online. Shahnawaz Ali spoke to exchange4media about the conceptualising and producing of the campaign ‘Dil Se Khelo’.


How does this ad film stand out from other World Cup campaigns?
This is the only anthem which wishes Team India and asks the Men In Blue to get the World Cup home, playing the game with passion. It also depicts the culture of our country where cricket binds everyone together. It shows different sects of people playing cricket with the same enthusiasm and zeal. Dil Se Khelo has a peppy and easy-to-hum tune. It also has a signature hook step step.
Insight and brief of the campaign
The brief given for the campaign was it to be a wishful song for people from all walks of life, wishing the Indian team to play ‘Dil Se’.

Creative Vision
The aim was to show the cultural and regional mix spiced up with entertaining cricket shots going well with the lyrics, showcased by maverick cricket fans.

Does the ad film’s song Dil Se Khelo instil brand recall for T-Series?
T-Series is a well-established brand and Dil Se Khelo instils a recall for the peppy number viz-a-viz cricket along with the hook step for Dil Se Khelo. Since the song is available only on T-Series, it keeps bringing back the listener to the music label.
How does this ad campaign increase the brand value for T-Series?
T-Series has chosen Dil Se Khelo as the only song to cheer Team India. The song has been featured on Pop Chartbusters, a first for this World Cup. As entertainment and cricket go hand in hand, ardent fans of T-Series and global music listeners shall always remember the music label for this particular initiative for the World Cup.
Challenges while producing the campaign
This song was shot all across Mumbai when the temperatures were soaring at 40 degrees C. The crew size was humongous along with the dancers. The cast had to travel to multiple locations for the song to be shot aesthetically, covering various locations, cricket grounds, lanes and by-lanes to make it more Indianized. The song was shot for more than 3 days as it had various cricketing shots and had to be timed to perfection. The biggest challenge faced while directing was the timing of the shot with the music. Also, umpteen rehearsals were done to get the hook step right by the dancers and the other casts since there were different steps for the dancers and the casts.
The message you wanted the consumers to take away...
The message is very obvious that the song is by Indians and meant to inspire Indians to live in peace and harmony, considering cricket as a religion binds them all together.


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