Top 5 Super Bowl ads that went viral this year

Some brands have consistently managed to steal ad limelight over consecutive seasons. Some even managed to stand out in an already-crowded ad space. exchange4media picks out the best ads of this year's Super Bowl

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Updated: Feb 5, 2015 8:05 AM
Top 5 Super Bowl ads that went viral this year

One of the biggest forces that unite the social networking space is sports. It also poses as an opportunity for brands to leverage consumer attention, and subtly seep in brand loyalty through positive reinforcement. This year’s most anticipated sporting event in the US, Super Bowl XLIX, brought together, not only netizens across the US, but all over the world. People may not even know much about the sport, but an event like this provides a mega platform for brands to bring out the best ads of the year.

Traditional players like Toyota, Nissan, McDonald’s were all in the running this year. However, some brands have consistently managed to steal ad limelight over consecutive seasons. And, some even managed to stand out in an already-crowded ad space. exchange4media picks out the best ads of this Super Bowl season:

Budweiser: This year, Budweiser took the risk of providing a sequel to one of the most beloved ads from last year’s game. The 2015 ad known as “Lost Dog” is the second installment in the story of the puppy who found a home and brother with one of the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Last year's version was about the inception of a bond between the two lovable animals, while this one tells you all you need to know from its title. There's also a spiritual resemblance to the 2013 Budweiser ad with the man reuniting with his Clydesdale.

The commercial fetched 24,894,179 views on YouTube since its launch last week.

Watch the video here:

Clash of Clans: This is a big one from the mobile gaming industry. Mobile gaming ads are usually pretty functional. They end up having a lot of hardsell gameplay, and a flash to download the game at the end.

But "Clash of Clans" broke the mold with its Super Bowl ad by bringing on board actor Liam Neeson.

In the ad, Neeson adopts the serious persona of his character in the “Taken” series as he plans to seek revenge on one of his online-gaming rivals.

The commercial has garnered 24,053,553 views on YouTube in a span of three days.

Watch the video here:

Coca Cola: For the quintessential netizen, it comes as no surprise that the cyber space is swarming with cyberbullies and trolls. Online private spaces are turned in to sources of despair. In an attempt to change that perception (read fear), Coca-Cola hopes to steer things in a more optimistic direction.

Before the 60-second spot commercial was aired during the game, the brand launched a series of teasers as is signaled a message of "optimism, uplift and inclusion" for the Super Bowl Sunday.

Watch the videos here:

Microsoft: The tech giant unveiled two Super Bowl ads, with an unusual twist — the voice of rapper Common reciting passages from speeches by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The ads continue the “empowerment” theme that Microsoft featured in its first-ever Super Bowl commercial last year, which showed how NFL player Steve Gleason — who has ALS — uses Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet to run eye-tracking technology that allows him to speak via the computer.

The first ad features Braylon O’Neill, who was born without the tibia and fibula bones on both of his legs. He’s now playing sports thanks to Microsoft technology, which helped analyze his mechanics.

The second ad features Estella Pyfrom and her “Brilliant Bus” that gives kids in underserved neighborhoods access to technology and the Internet. Pyfrom, 71, invested more than $1 million in savings to build a bus with 12 computer stations that travels to different communities and has helped more than 31,000 kids learn about reading, math, science, history, and other subjects.

Watch the videos here:

Dove Men: As part of its #RealStrength campaign, Dove ran a minute-long spot commercial featuring fathers of children of all ages. A number of advertisers re-branded Super Bowl Sunday commercials as an ode to Father’s Day this year. The Dove Men+Care ad celebrated all the father figures of the world with children calling out to their dads.

From toddlers on monkey bars to daughters at their wedding reception, the 60-second spot depicted fathers spending time with their little ones in all the pivotal moments of their lives.

“90 percent of men around the world say that their caring side is part of their masculinity and strength,” read the commercial information via YouTube. “Let’s acknowledge the caring side of men and celebrate their #RealStrength as a true sign of masculinity.”

The commercial fetched 3,277,132 views on YouTube since its launch.

Watch the video here:

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