Mobile has been biggest saviour for collecting data intelligently: Hemant Mehta, Kantar

At the Advertising Club Bangalore’s Knowledge Conclave, Hemant Mehta, MD & Chief Strategy Officer, Kantar, South Asia, spoke about transformational change in the market research industry

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Updated: Nov 30, 2019 10:17 AM
Hemant Mehta, Kantar - South Asia

“Like every other industry market research industry is going through a profound and transformational change,”  said Hemant Mehta, Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer, Kantar, South Asia while speaking at the Advertising Club Bangalore’s Knowledge Conclave. 

Mehta was speaking on the topic, 'The new imperatives in research data and insights.' 

Mehta said, “Sources of information that are consumers, are changing. The clients and their expectations are changing. Technology is playing havoc for good, it is making us question and review all the concepts that we have been using. There are many digital service providers, now competing with us and it is also leading to different commercial models.” 

He quoted Albert Einstein, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”

Mehta continued, “If I look at Kantar and it is also applicable to our fraternity as well. There are a lot of changes we have seen in the last 5 years. So, what does this mean for research and insights?. We are asking less and observing more. We are using various sources of data to stitch together a story. Our pride and joy were primarily surveyed data and we are changing.”

Mehta further spoke on the changes they are experiencing at Kantar which he is sure that it is applicable to the rest of the industry. He touched on the points of how Kantar is using technology, how they are turning more sensitive to sources and how they are playing in the digital ecosystem to deliver to their clients. 

Speaking on how they are approaching consumers, Mehta said, “If you look at a day in the life of urban Indians, they are spending 7 hours out of home, (this includes working, non-working individuals, all kinds of professional and demographics). This makes really hard for us to reach the consumers when they are available. So, our productivity goes down and we need to find better ways to reach out to them. The other major fact is that we have not made consumers understand the value of their opinion”

Mehta elaborated it with a case study that Kantar has conducted globally to understand why they have so many non-compliance. 

“60 per cent of the consumers dropped out of the survey midway saying it is very boring and too long. Opinions are valuable commodities and the length of the survey often puts off our respondents. We are giving consumers the choice. We are engaging them by using a platform-agnostic approach, doing research on their terms using their languages.”

Speaking on Brevity, Mehta said, “We got to be conscious of the time they are giving us, therefore it is imperative we measure what really matters. The biggest saviour for us to collect the data intelligently has been mobile. It gives us the reach, convenience and is also very engaging”

He continued, “Another change that has happened is that we have passed on the burden of data collection in certain cases to clients themselves. By incorporating the software platform at the client's end is where we come in, as our strength is to analyse and report on the data and deliver insights”.

He further spoke on the role of technology and passive behaviour tracking. 

“Behaviour and the decisions are influenced by both cognitive thoughts and our instinctive automatic reactions to the world around us. Both influences our decision making to different degrees are different times and different situations. We are leveraging neuroscience, but it cannot give all the answers you want. It helps us to understand people better. It gives insight into what people aren’t saying (for whatever reasons). It helps in explaining emotional and automatic decisions,” said Mehta.

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