Taste the Love campaign stays relevant to the millennials: Sanjana Desai, Mother’s Recipe

The ad campaign by Mother’s Recipe produced two ad films drawing insight from the evolving consumer's tastes and leveraged on their change in behaviour and trends

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Updated: Mar 26, 2019 8:58 AM

Mother’s Recipe, the food and beverage company that produces the best mouth-watering pickles came out with two new ad films that redefine the message of love and imbibes social change in Indian society. The ad campaign titled, ‘Taste the Love’ by Mother’s Recipe has been produced by Off Center Films and directed by Manav Malhotra. 

The first ad film of the campaign captures the journey of a young girl moving to a big city. Her first taste of food in the new city is completed with a familiar jar of Mother’s Recipe pickle that instantly reminds her of home when she devours it during dinner. The second ad film brings the focus on gender equality and the change of gender roles. It showcases how Mother’s Recipe offers convenient, simple food solutions that enable men to take on roles that were just thrown into a woman’s list of chores. The video subtly celebrates the new age relationship dynamics which is more open-minded and practical. 

The mastermind behind the ad campaign is Sanjana Desai, Chief Strategy Officer, Mother’s Recipe and her team. The insight and creative vision for the ad campaign were creatively designed after meticulously researching and understanding the changing consumer's trends and behaviour. Desai, commenting on the insight and creative vision stated, “With the new brand tagline, the idea was to communicate the essence of the brand and at the same time staying relevant for the current environment from the consumer perspective. It is imperative for any brand to keep pace with the evolving consumer taste and preferences in this fast-paced world.”

The campaign has struck the right chord with the target audience especially the millennials. “The Campaign video communicates how in today’s competitive environment consumers demand instant solutions. Hence, time and convenience along with great taste are essential. The brand intends to address these elements with the video. The consumers today want healthy, authentic and home-cooked food options. The campaign also showcases how the brand is staying relevant to the youth/millennials,” remarked Desai. 

Advertising industry experts have also given a thumbs up to the ad campaign, ‘Taste the Love’ by Mother’s Recipe. Adrine D'mello, Creative Director at Monk Media Network, remarked, “Mother's Recipe seems to have got the messaging bang on with this ad. The secret ingredient to 'Maa ke haat ka khana' is Love and these films clearly depict the daily challenges in cooking and show you how it's easing the process with a pinch of love”. 

“Mother's Recipe has always delivered eye-catching campaigns for the brand. In this campaign, the brand has focused to keep the essence of traditionality by showcasing pickle as a permanent sider for any dish you would love to relish. The ad reveals real-time problems of people who are away from their family and quickly gives a solution to it. It has creatively captured both emotions and humour by giving a direct message to the TG. ‘Love is the difficult made easy’, the perfect tagline for any unperfect couple, the brand has covered all aspects at one go, Be it, love, be it understanding, be it the buzzing life of a metro city etc. It has chosen the new way of messaging the TG by showcasing a bond of two people connecting with each other strongly and where love is the main ingredient used with practicality. Anything made by love is always accepted because food and love are inextricably tied. Again, a 10/10 for this one,” remarked Ankit Nalotia, Founder, CEO, Mo Mantra. 

But making pickles relevant to a younger audience is the main challenge of the brand. Speaking about this challenge Ragu Bhatt, Founder & Copywriter, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi commented, “Since it is a preserved food, the temptation is to show it as a packaged, portable form of nostalgia. Hence, it's often shown as 'yearning' for home or mother's love. But I'd like to see a pickle brand become part of the daily meal instead of a travel kit. If Mother's Recipe wants to become the 'new-age teekha', it needs to show 'mother's love' in a new avatar. The ad film shows the current habit instead of provoking a behaviour change. The 'ready-to-eat' category has its own challenges. It's not seen as fresh, tasty or sometimes, healthy. Insights based on moments when you make choices based on 'taste rather than health' could be explored.”

Overall, did the ad campaign create a powerful impact on the audience or did the brand play it safe? “Both the advertisements of Mother's recipe are in the safe zone, not venturing or experimenting and therefore quite sedate. However, while the ideas are quite old, they have been rendered well and been kept contextually relevant. However, the execution is similar for both ads, though they are totally different categories, and in this, they will not have the impact they should. Knowing the changing consumer mindset and understanding their Buying  Propensity,  is essential before such ads are created, else they can be a lost opportunity and wasted budgets. Also, the pickles, ready-to-cook categories are not highly penetrated and household penetration would be in the low single-digits. In the ready-to-cook space, taste and authenticity are of prime importance. By showing convenience only, the first advertisement has not touched upon the most important factor that the consumer wants,” stated N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research. 

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