Tanishq breaks old norms, celebrates the beauty of remarriage

The brand's new ad attempts to breaks the social stigma of second marriage. It has been widely appreciated as it has everything - the love of a mother, the affection of a father and the subtle beauty

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Updated: Oct 29, 2013 8:56 AM
Tanishq breaks old norms, celebrates the beauty of remarriage

Bowed head, draped in auspicious red, she’s gracious, shy and traditional. She’s the beautiful Indian bride. Celebrating the adorable Indian bride, Tanishq has launched a new TVC for its Wedding Collection, crafted in 22 karat gold which reflects her grace and elegance.

The brand has new-age contemporary wedding jewellery just like today’s new-age weddings in which remarriage is a growing phenomenon and is no longer looked down upon.

Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, the idea is to showcase one of the many new-age weddings in the form of a remarriage. It celebrates forgetting the past and starting a new life.

The TVC opens with a bride getting ready for her wedding with the traditional shahnai playing in the background. She sees a young girl standing at the door and asks her to come in. The bride adjusts the jewellery on the little girl’s forehead. Then they walk hand-in-hand into the ‘mandap’ (stage). The ceremony starts and the couple begins to walk around the ‘havan’. The little girl also wants to walk around the fire and then asks the bride, addressing her as ‘Mama’. The bride tells her not to do it and continues walking but the groom tells the little girl to come and he lifts her in his arms and they continue to walk around the ‘havan’. The film ends with the little girl asking the groom if she can call her ‘Papa’.

On the idea behind the film, Arun Iyer, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas & Partners said, “The whole idea was to showcase the new-age contemporary collection launched by Tanishq. Hence, the story had to be different and remarriage is a bold topic that is often discussed among people. We have heard a lot of conversations around it. Taking such a bold stance on remarriage shows the progressive attitude of the brand.”

Will the boldness of remarriage work for the brand?

Expert take
Raghu Bhat, Founder-Director, Scarecrow Communications said, “The objective of the ad is to showcase the wedding collection. However, there are two elements that defy convention and could be termed as path-breaking. Firstly, using a second marriage to showcase the wedding collection and using a woman who is dark skinned. The rewards for going against the grain are already obvious. It's definitely one of the most provocative and talked about ads in the category. The audience (I assume since I don't know) would be a slightly evolved Sec A woman who is mature enough to acknowledge the brand’s attempt to appear more real and is, most likely, going to applaud the execution and think of the brand as a more human and approachable entity.

Our take
It’s bold, yet beautiful; it's simple, yet adorable; it’s all about the beauty of celebrating remarriage. Gracefully and elegantly, Tanishq has portrayed the feelings of a not-so-flashy bride sans fair skin. And that’s the raw beauty of the ad.

Very few may have thought of an ad showing a dusky bride in simple attire with exquisite jewellery. The ad also builds curiosity about the playful little girl, who unlocks the mystery in the end.

The ad beautifully breaks norms on the social stigma of second marriage, which is still not accepted by our modern society. The ad is being praised widely by audiences and has been appreciated by everyone for taking a bold stand on such a sensitive issue. It’s time to forget the age-old practices and adopt the new-age culture.

The background music plays a big role in the success of the ad. The manner in which the groom embraces the girl child is commendable and all thanks to the brand for bringing it to life. The love of a mother, the affection of a father and the subtle beauty of remarriage – the ad has everything.

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