Star Sports launches emotional campaign showcasing support for cricketers

Tamil Nadu Premier League 2018 will be the third edition of the month-long league organised by The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association(TNCA), broadcast on Star Sports

Tamil Nadu Premier League
Tamil Nadu Premier League 2018 will be the third edition of the month-long league organised by the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA), broadcast on Star Sports. In the first two seasons of TNPL, the campaign theme was “TNPL - Namma Ooru Namma Gethu” (Our land our pride) and executed through anthem-based promos showcasing Tamil fans celebrating TNPL. This has established TNPL as the pride of Tamil Nadu. Now a new video campaign has been launched for TNPL.

“This year, the idea is to take TNPL deeper into Tamil Nadu. We have shown how the entire state contributes in making heroes of TNPL players. We retained the core campaign theme of “Namma Ooru Namma Gethu” but changed the execution from fan celebrations to a powerful emotional campaign which showcases the support a cricketer gets in Tamil Nadu as a tribute to the passion of Tamil Nadu,” says a Star India spokesperson.

TNPL is a platform where local talent from different parts of Tamil Nadu showcase their talent. Many of these players are from humble backgrounds and have overcome a lot of challenges to play at this level. Throughout their path to success they were supported not just by their family, coach and captain but by many strangers who helped them, knowingly or unknowingly.

The video showcases different scenarios where an aspiring cricketer in Tamil Nadu is being supported by people from different walks of life. The narration in the video in Tamil goes like this: We the people of Tamil Nadu have supported all these TNPL players during difficult times. Behind every successful player there will be a coach or a captain but in Tamil Nadu, the whole state is behind the success of a player. Come watch, support and follow our neighbourhood boys in TNPL season 3.”

“We are moving from a celebratory space to an emotional one so that people will have long term association with the brand. We think this is a powerful campaign and will appeal to all the TNPL fans," adds the spokesperson.

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