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Managing Director & Vice-President, GoDaddy India shares email campaign techniques to help brands up their email marketing game

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Published: Nov 9, 2018 8:40 AM  | 5 min read
Nikhil Arora

Festivities and traditions are the heart of Indian culture and Diwali is one of the most celebrated Indian festivals across regions. This is the most exciting time of the year for both consumers and brands alike, when people go on a shopping spree to buy new things for their homes and gifts for their loved ones. It is that time when marketers also prepare themselves to come closer to their consumers in disruptive ways and reach out to their audience, when they are willing to spend the most. 

However, more often than not brands end up getting lost in all the festive clutter. Gone are the days of run-of-the-mill campaigning, when brands would just flood customer inboxes a few days or weeks prior to the festival and gauge their interest. Today, in order to reap the maximum benefits of this season and stay ahead of the game, one needs preparation and planning much in advance. As the festival of lights is inching closer, following are some email campaign tactics to help marketers tap the right audience and drive significant business sales and increased growth. 

Improve after-sale communication: Indian customers buy more frequently from sites or entities they trust; this is where after-sale communication becomes extremely important. If the consumer’s experience after the purchase has been satisfactory, there are more chances of that customer returning for a future purchase. Use a targeted Diwali email campaign to follow a customer throughout the entire sales cycle, including shipping, tracking, returns and reorders. Be sure to ask again for a sale. 

Make big mistakes less costly: Festive shopping is usually an extravagant purchase, with people buying everything from TV screens to washing machines and refrigerators. In such cases, for all online brands, it is essential that the customer is ensured that in case of an issue, it will be dealt with and the brand will help them in finding a speedy solution, be it through pre-paid return option, an in-store availability or a partnership with a shipping company that can pick up the unwanted item. The idea is to allow the customers to buy what they want and get it right on time. Use your Diwali email campaign to assure big-spenders that you acknowledge the risk and your business will do everything in the power to minimise it. Holiday shopping shouldn’t be scary. 

Customise daily deals: In the week that leads up to Diwali, brands can plan a “Diwali offer” countdown, offering a different sale or featured item of the day. In this case, marketers can use data analytics and site analytics to help understand which offer your customers are most likely to buy and what day will that work, to help target the promotions accordingly by sending your customers the offer that’s best suited to them. While generic daily emails can be overwhelming (and often end up in the trash folder), emails that include targeted offers and feature may be too hard to ignore. 

Use email real estate wisely: First impression is very important in case of email marketing. In order to help avoid your mail from landing up in the customer’s trash folder, brands must pay attention to draft the email in a way that it can engage the customer, by starting straight ahead with the product or the offer that they want to promote. Most desktop systems and mobile devices allow the user to browse the first few lines of the mail without actually opening them, thus it is essential that the holiday promotional email is drafted in such a manner that it immediately grabs the attention of the customer with its subject and initial few lines. 

Offer last-minute solutions: The festive season keeps a person engaged in a lot of things, from holiday bookings, to gifts for family and friends, personal shopping and so much more. But amidst all this, there is a great possibility of missing out on one thing or the other and a reminder at the last moment, might help get interest. Last-minute shoppers aren’t as concerned about how much an item will cost as whether they will get it on time. By shifting your last-minute emails away from offer-focused messaging and toward solving their problems, brands are more likely to see a better response. Brands can look at including a mix of great offers and pro-shopping tips in their emails, like how to wrap the perfect gift, what dry fruits will work with those diyas, etc.  

Give the gift of digital: Digital gifts can be an innovative, personalised gift, especially on a colourful, well-lighted festival like Diwali, can be experienced with instant gratification. These gift cards don’t necessarily have to be sent via email. Brands can give their customers an option of printing them at home, which can also be accompanied with a box of sweets or chocolates to make it more special. Your email to your customers should present a variety of ideas for classing up these digital gifts. Brands can also have at least one Diwali email campaign message dedicated to its product’s virtues: how it can be used; ways to make it more special; and why it might be the perfect gift. 

(The author is the Managing Director & Vice-President at GoDaddy India)

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