S-Group Insights: Personal healthcare ad volumes on TV stood at 13558 Hrs in 2015, the highest in five years

The advertisements for ‘Personal Healthcare’ as a category witnessed a growing trend on TV and the ad volumes for 2015 stood at the highest compared to the last five years.

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Updated: Feb 16, 2016 8:27 AM
S-Group Insights: Personal healthcare ad volumes on TV stood at 13558 Hrs in 2015, the highest in five years

exchange4media.com and Strategy Group, the Analytical Arm of TAM Media Research, jointly bring  you a weekly column 'S-Group Insights' on Advertising Trends of different Product Categories. This column aims to aid advertisers and media agencies to understand changes in Media Consumption patterns leading to Scientific Advertising Investments. In the current column, we take a look at Personal Healthcare as a category

Personal healthcare as a category is a part of healthcare sector. The Indian healthcare sector is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.9 per cent during 2015-20 to US$ 280 billion.

According to TAM Ad Ex Data, the advertisements for ‘Personal Healthcare’ as a category witnessed a growing trend on TV and in the Print medium where the ad volumes for 2015 stood the highest at  13558 Hrs & volume of 6.45 crore sq. cm respectively when compared to the last five years. However, Radio witnessed a drop of 10% in ad duration in 2015 over the last year.

‘Rubs’ and ‘Balms’ emerged as the highest contributing product group on TV with 9.67 % share in the total ad duration in 2015. Also, vitamins/tonics/health supplements and OTC products range feature in the top 3 contributing product groups on all the three mediums with digestives and health stimulant/ginseng being the differentiators on Radio and Print medium respectively.

Vitamins/tonics/health supplements have witnessed a significant growth in ad volumes on TV & Radio with an increase of 25%s and 105 % respectively. This growth led the contribution of vitamins from 7.78% in 2014 to 17.7% in 2015 on Radio. At the same time, Rubs and Balms have witnessed an alarming drop of 80% in its ad volumes on Radio but has grown on TV & in Print.

Among the top 10 advertisers, only Procter & Gamble & Mankind Pharma Ltd have reduced their ad volumes on TV medium. The other advertisers have witnessed an average growth of 41% in ad volumes over the previous year with Cadburys India Ltd almost doubling its total ad volumes.

Ayurwin Pharma Pvt Ltd is the top advertiser in the Vitamins Product group and has increased its ad volumes on TV by 40% in 2015 compared to 2014. In 2014, Ayurwin promoted its brand Nutrigain Powder/ Capsule heavily using a co-branding strategy and associated it with Bollywood movies. However, in 2015, the duration for the co-branding exercise was reduced and the focus was brought back to the main product only.

Apart from that, Wipro’s Glucovita Bolts, Merck Serono’s Neurobion Forte & Hershey India’s Sofit Soya Milk led the increase in the ad volumes for Vitamins. Also, the new entrants like Nourishco Beverages Ltd & Rajvaidya Shital Prasad & Sons promoted their products heavily and were among the Top 5 advertisers promoting Vitamins in 2015.

Amway India took out all the investments from TV for its Nutrilite Range and invested the same on Radio. Also, a multifold growth in ad volumes has been witnessed by Nutricia International Pvt. Ltd. & Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceutic on radio medium. The specific advertisements for Nutrigain Powder/Capsule by Ayurwin Pharma Pvt Ltd were completely taken off from Print and the focus was on promoting the whole Nutrilite range in 2015. However, the promotions of Nutrigain Powder/ Capsules were increased by 40 % on TV in 2015 over the previous year.

Even with the increase in ad volumes for personal healthcare category on the news channels, the contribution from the same has dropped from 37 % in 2014 to 34% in 2015 as music and kids genre have witnessed a good amount of increase in the ad volume contribution. Music genre has witnessed a hike in ad Volumes for both National & Regional Channels and same is the case for kids genre. Heinz is one of the advertisers who have entered into kids genre with its new brand Glucon D Volt recently. The major focus for Heinz was on News & GEC in 2014, which has recently been shifted to GEC & Kids in 2015.

With the growing advertisements for Personal Healthcare Category across media and shifts happening with the choice of medium, it would not be surprising to see more changes happening in this category.

Source: TAM Media Research, analysis conducted by S group, an analytical arm of TAM Media Research

Data Sources: TAM AdEx ,IBEF Report(Aug’15)

Period: Jan’11 to Dec’15

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