Ramadan Ads: Brands need to find a fresh new angle to an age-old story

It would be impactful to see brands find angles that would appeal to the new generation of Muslim consumers

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Jun 5, 2018 9:00 AM

Ramadan just like Christmas has become a season of increased consumerism. If brands are looking to effectively market their offerings, now is the time! While some brands are tapping into this opportunity, do we see enough ad campaigns by brands breaking away from the cliches? Are they looking all around at the cultural nuances of the season and building on a strong insight that will drive the story? We take a look…

Surf Excel

Like all previous years, this time the brand’s film shows us cute little Adil who is unhappy with a situation and tries to resolve it on his own. As it turns out that his father and chacha (uncle) are not on talking terms, Adil works very hard to put together a nice iftar on his own to take to his chacha’s house in hope of resolving the differences between the family.


Tang has come up with a short ad featuring the brother-sister duo actors Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem Qureshi. This ad brings out the bonding that families share during the holy month of Ramadan and will be featured through social media.


With a soft soundtrack by post-rock band Oregon called This Patch of Sky, the commercial depicts the trials and tribulations faced by a Malay-Muslim McDelivery rider, who’s fasting throughout his shift. The video features Zul, an employee with the McDelivery service, waking up before dawn, eating suhur (the pre-dawn meal) with his family and heading out to work. The following one minute then focuses on his tiring day, full of ups and downs where he makes multiple deliveries - sometimes climbing several flights of stairs, other times helping a stranger whose car breaks down.

Coca Cola

This touching ad shows a Muslim and non-Muslim woman silently bonding over bottles of soda at sunset. It has already been widely shared on social media and did seem to strike a chord among the consumers.

Do the campaigns cut it?

The above campaigns do manage to hit the right spot. We see them tap the consumer insights of sharing, kindness and forgiveness. It's good to see how Surf Excel's ad has found the relevant tensions in the society and used their insights to create a conversation which is relatable. The ads rolled out by Coca Cola, Tang and McDonald's through themes of sharing have also managed to leave a deep impression among consumers.

However, it would be even more impactful to see brands find a fresh new angle to an age-old story. With the plethora of ad campaigns, ads are easily prone to get lost in the sea of sameness. Apart from just making an impact, these ad campaigns need to strengthen the brand's connection with consumers. It would be a breath of fresh air to see more brands unearth real relationship stories based on authentic insights that are not the cookie-cutter but are strongly empathetic. The question that marketers need to ponder over is, ‘Would the ad appeal to the new generation of Muslim consumers?’

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