Our focus in 2019 is on Fuel Content, our content management agency: Rohit Ohri, FCB India

Rohit Ohri, Group Chairman, CEO, FCB India, shared insights on FCB’s creative approach, capitalising on Delhi’s phenomenal growth and plans going forward

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Updated: Jun 11, 2019 8:46 AM
Rohit Ohri FCB India

Rohit Ohri, Group Chairman, CEO, FCB India is one of the most respected names in the Indian Advertising Industry. His reputation for building creative cultures and infusing positive change into every organisation he has helmed has been widely recognized by the industry. In 2016, Creativepool UK recognized Ohri as one of the top 100 influencers in advertising and marketing across the globe. In 2017 WCRC conferred on him the title of Most Trusted CEO in India. In 2018 alone, FCB India won 83 awards at noteworthy shows such as Cannes, Goafest, D&AD, One Show, New York Film Festivals, CLIO, and Spikes, among others. Rohit is also actively involved in industry bodies like AAAI and The Ad Club as a member of their executive committees. 

Ohri stumbled into the advertising world whilst studying to be a Cost Accountant where he met Ram Ray, founder of Response India. He initiated Ohri into advertising and since then he hasn’t looked back. “The first campaign that I worked on was a campaign for Bubblegummers, a kid’s shoe brand form Bata. There was a fantastic animation TVC made for this”, remarks Ohri. 

Ohri has spent 21 years in JWT, 4 years in Dentsu and has been in FCB for 3 and a half years. Ohri talking about the learnings from these leading ad agencies said, “In all three agencies, I’ve have had very interesting challenges. In JWT the challenge was about building on strengths and growing the largest advertising agency office in India. In Dentsu, the challenge was really about re-launching the brand in India and defining what it stood for. Whereas at FCB the challenge was about reinvigorating the brand and re-energizing the agency. All three have been very different challenges, all three have been very exciting and I’m happy to have been a part of the turnaround story of these agencies.”

Since Ohri came on board at FCB his primary leadership task has been to re-energise the organisation by orchestrating energy. “Good energy drives great performance, facilitates collaboration and gives ideas of their biggest possible wings”, commented Ohri.

FCB this year shifted into new offices in Delhi and Mumbai. Speaking about FCB India’s growth Ohri says, “We have seen huge growth across offices. There has been a positive momentum across all offices. Delhi is seeing phenomenal growth. This I believe is a function of new economy companies that are setting up base in Gurgaon. There is a lot of opportunities not just for us but for the whole industry. That is something we are looking to capitalize on, in a big way.”

New creative approach and brand strategy

The idea according to Ohri is to find the agency's creative voice. A voice that is distinct and creates a meaningful difference to our client’s brands and businesses. Creating never finished ideas for our brands was at the heart of the agency's creative approach. TOI’s Sindoor Khela No Conditions Apply campaign, Horlicks’ Fearless Kota, Amul’s ‘Mothers for Mothers’ and Mahindra’s ‘Nanhi Kaali’ were some of our brave never finished ideas. It was through these campaigns FCB found its new creative voice. A voice that connected the truth of brands with the truth of its consumers. A voice that was authentic and deeply emotional. A voice that built our client’s brands and businesses”, commented Ohri. 

Additional services FCB will be adding to the service portfolio in the near future

Ohri states, “The way we are looking at building our digital capabilities is by building an integrated capability. Consumers live in a seamless world where the concepts of above the line, below the line or through the line don’t exist. There are no lines. The important thing is that we need to start thinking of communications in an integrated manner, and not integrate ideas at a later stage. Our process of integration starts with the consumer path to purchase. Today, the consumer’s path to purchase is complex and multi-layered.  Understanding this path to purchase is critical. This understanding forms the bedrock of our integration process. What message, at which point and in what manner dictates how we bring all our capabilities into play, to create a seamless idea platform.”

Strategy and plans going forward for FCB 

Agencies talk at length about their client’s brands and their USPs. Ohri believes that a similar approach needs to be applied to our agency brand as well. “One of our major achievements is how we have defined our creative voice and sharpened our USP. We want to continue creating never finished ideas for our brands and through that, creating a new, always progressing FCB”, stated Ohri. 

Growth and Expansion plans 

Ohri remarked, “Fuel Content, our content management agency will be a big focus in 2019. Launched in 2018, the agency has had a flying start and now boasts of many blue-chip clients. We will build on this great start.”

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