OLX tickles the funny bone with new campaign featuring Kapil Sharma

OLX has rolled out three hilarious digital ads with comedian Kapil Sharma in a campaign titled ‘Shaadi Ke Funde’- Just Married. The videos are a funny take on how the overdose of wedding gifts end up becoming used-less

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Published: May 29, 2015 8:34 AM  | 4 min read
OLX tickles the funny bone with new campaign featuring Kapil Sharma

Popular online classifieds site OLX has come out with an interesting mix of digital and TV ads in the last few months. Last week, it rolled out three hilarious digital ads with comedian Kapil Sharma for their campaign ‘Shaadi Ke Funde’- Just Married. The videos take a funny stand on how the overdose of wedding gifts end up becoming used-less. The campaign is conceptualised and executed by the in-house team of OLX. On Twitter, the brand was also running an online #ShaadiKeFunde contest on Wednesday.

Click here for the videos:

The overall brand communication is being managed by Lowe Lintas for the last two and a half years.

Speaking about the brand journey since then, Amer Jaleel, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas elaborated “When we came on board, the kick-off of the brand had already happened and they had their legendary line ‘Bech De’. The brand was playing on the insight that there are unused items in your house, which consume a lot of space, so why not sell them on OLX. They were in the right space because at that point of time they had just launched their brand. When they came to us, we took on to that premise and made the first set of commercials. While, they were good, but the sort of big happened when we did the app campaign, set to the tune of the popular Bollywood song ‘Womaniya’, where the focus was on how to use the cell phone to sell items on OLX. After this campaign, there was a nice buzz around converting your ‘cell phone to sell phone’ and it made a sort of impression of the work from our side.”

While keeping humour intact, the brand has moved on from their popular ‘Bech De’ proposition to the tagline ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuchh Keemti Bhi’ and the focus is now on building consumer relationships. In January this, year the brand communication was such that it showed buyers urging sellers to post their ads on OLX, emphasising their own need.

Speaking about this, Jaleel cited, “New age brands are very different in their communication and can carry off anything from corny cheap humour to profound and intellectual stuff well. People’s expectation of the brand has changed and now they don’t need any selling proposition, but a unique take to sell things. The brand thus can accommodate every kind of story and that is how we came up with the line ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuchh Keemti Bhi’. We wanted to pitch the site to people, who will need the site tomorrow or sometime in the future. Basically our attempt was to tell people that OLX is not for people who need money and are therefore selling things or for those who don’t have the budget so are purchasing old things. It is basically a convenient way to make your life better.”

According to Ramanujam Sridhar, Founder and CEO, Brand-Comm, OLX as a brand has been doing really good because of its unique concept of selling things online. It is a great boon to consumers who wants to upgrade to a better life. Infact, it is also doing well in smaller towns to those are looking to sell old things.

Today the site is no longer associated with only selling of old things, but has become more personal and is often referred as a colloquial term with people frequently using ‘Isko OLX pe Bech De’ in their day to day lives. “The biggest growth for us is that the brand is now getting into the popular culture, sometimes it is being quoted as a joke or sometimes as a threat. It is a great sign for us, that the brand has become generic and it is best signal which you can get of owing the category. Secondly, getting into the consideration of people and coming naturally to people’s mind is one of the biggest achievements of ours,” added Jaleel.

So from Bech De, to empowering women, to getting Kapil Sharma on board and roping in actor Dhanush and Sudeep to tap the Southern market, OLX has been everywhere. For the record, OLX is a global company and it was founded in the year 2006 and is owned by the global media and digital company Naspers. According to a 2014 media report, the company has grown to 1,200 employees and operates in more than 40 countries. With 11 billion page views, 25 million listings, and 8.5 million transactions per month, it is the largest marketplace in countries like India and Poland.

Click here to watch the other ads:

O Womaniya:

Snoring Husband:

The Cricket Bat:

Car Bechi Dost Paya:



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