'Maternity is a work experience' to 'mothers are not superhumans': Best Mother's Day ads

This Mother's Day, brands paid tribute to mothers with unique campaigns that break the stereotypical image of a perfect mother and portray mothers as children's first academy

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Published: May 9, 2022 8:48 AM  | 5 min read
Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, brands had their own way of expressing gratitude to mothers.

In a refreshing move, the brands this year have dissociated themselves from stereotyping motherhood and projecting them as ‘superhumans’.

They have rather put forth a progressive approach towards the occasion presenting the mother as a normal human being with her own dreams, day-to-day struggles, misses and imperfections, and challenges she faces when deciding to get back on her professional career after a maternity or childcare break. Here, we bring some unique mother's day campaigns that have beautifully depicted such emotions;

Tanishq’s ‘The Interview’

The ad campaign titled ‘The Interview’ showcased the nervousness that women go through while getting back on their professional feet after a maternity break.

In the film, a new mother who is appearing for a job interview, told the interviewer that she was never really off duty although she was on a career break. She then opens up a picture of her baby and her husband, referring to them as her teammate and little trainee.

The interviewer tells her that she doesn’t fit the job role, which disappoints the woman for a second, but he completes the sentence by saying, “because you deserve something even bigger”.


This Mothers’ Day, Maggi paid homage to moms across the country with a brave new film. In the ad, actress Mona Singh plays a doting mother to a son who is shown preparing for his examination till late in the night.

This Mother’s Day, Maggi has broken away from this norm where millions of moms seen spending countless nights staying up with their kids during exams and accompanying their kids through their favourite bowl of Maggi. The films shows how despite being busy with last minute preparations, the teenager recognises that his mom is more stressed about his exams. What follows is a heart-warming gesture by the teen that brings a smile to his mom’s face, in just two minutes.

Prega News’ #SheIsImperfectlyPerfect

Prega News has launched a heart-warming video campaign #SheIsImperfectlyPerfect that breaks the stereotypical image of a ‘perfect mother’ and ‘superwoman’.

Its latest campaign highlights that it's ok for mothers to be imperfect as they are not superhumans. It captures the guilt of working mothers very well highlighting how women struggle to keep pace at home and workplace and often think they are not able to take care of their babies like the ones who are homemakers.

KDM’s #KaroDilKiMarziMummy

Consumer lifestyle & mobile accessories brand KDM has surprised everyone with its Mother’s Day campaign #KaroDilKiMarziMummy. The campaign tells mothers that they need not to sacrifice their own dreams for the sake of their children. Rather they should listen to their hearts.

It starts with a young daughter introducing her mother who can sing and dance but sacrificed her dreams for the sake of her family. She encourages her mother to listen to her heart and live her life through KDM music products.

Unacademy’s ‘Meri Pehli Academy’

The film ‘Meri Pehli Academy’ heralds mothers and mother figures as a child's first academy from where children learn their first and most important life lessons. It showcases the story of a young student, Bulbul, who is moving to a new city to live alone. It highlights how her mother has come along to help her set up the place, guiding her to do things on her own, testing and mentoring her to live her life independently. The heartfelt appreciation soon turns into a deeper realisation, as Bulbul begins to see her mother as her first academy. The film outlines several instances which reinforce the subconscious learnings from the mother.

Mothers are CEOs of home, tells Mylo ad

Through this film, Mylo highlights that motherhood is a full-time job that deserves appreciation and encourages men to share the load. In the ad, a man discusses his pending appraisal with his wife who is nursing the child at home. He then casually asks his wife whether she would like to do a part time job as their child is now a few months old. The woman gets emotional.

He then asks her about her daily schedule and realizes her workload. The man then regrets not sharing the chores at home while pursuing his professional career. It is perfectly alright being a homemaker and how it is essential for men to share the load at home, are the takeaways of the ad. 

Ubon’s #RockstarMoms

A gadget accessory & consumer electronics brand, UBON has rolled out its marketing campaign #RockstarMoms, with its exceptional take on this Mother’s Day.

As a run up to mother's day UBON will release interesting posters nationwide on the social media platforms. Every poster will connect with the audience by playing on the concept of uniqueness of the product with that of a mother.

Mother’s Recipe’s #TasteOfMothersLove

The campaign video depicts a young working professional lady who is recording a heart-touching poem to her mother on Mother’s Day, thanking her for everything. It is a heartfelt poem of the ordinary events that occurred during the WFH scenario for her, the usual tension on Zoom calls, and meeting the deadlines.

The daughter appreciates the fact that her mother all through the pandemic became her strength, showered unconditional love, and ensured she ate well. The ad film ends on an emotional note where the daughter sends her the recorded video wishing her mother a very happy Mother’s Day. The campaign beautifully weaves together a narrative about each mother who made every moment of ‘work from home’ incredibly special.





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