How Samaara Tea brewed a heart-warming Ramadan ad amidst Covid challenges

The brand and agency speak about how they brought forth the idea of 'neki' or goodness in the ad

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Updated: Apr 23, 2021 6:24 PM
Samaara Tea

Ramadan is a month of fasting, sacrifices, prayers and reflecting on our innate sense of giving back. It emphasises the necessity to be sentimental with others needs. While several brands fail to fully tap into the consumption occasions, tea manufacturer, Samaara Tea has released its campaign #NekiHarRoz that sheds light on the need to show kindness to others not only during Ramadan but throughout the year.

The brand has released an emotional video campaign that exemplifies the need to be understanding and compassionate. It is all about people coming together to celebrate this month of Eid together. It outlines the simple fact that no matter your culture, it is kindness that brings people together in times of need.

#NekiHarRoz is a narrative between two families - The Chopras and the Sheikhs. 

Dheer Shah - Founder & CEO, Samaara Tea, Saurabh Pacheriwal - CoFounder & Captain, Gemius, the agency behind the campaign take us through the journey of capturing the Ramadan essence and bringing the campaign to life amidst the pandemic-led challenges. 

Shah shares that the creative brief to the agency was to showcase how the festival brings together people of different cultures, religions and ethnicity - and how the idea of having tea together unites people. “Considering the wide reach of Samaara Tea across the globe, we wanted to do a campaign around the month of Ramadan which could entice and communicate the true #KadakSoch among people worldwide. It is a usual practice to see Muslims celebrate Ramadan and enjoy the iftar dinners. However, it is also true that a lot of culturally diverse people also enjoy celebrating the iftar nights during the month of Ramadan,” he remarks.

Meanwhile Pacheriwal remarks that one of the biggest challenges that came the team’s way was the pandemic and the challenges that came with executing a campaign amidst the difficult circumstances. He shares that it was difficult to align the production crew together and pull off a film in time which could be released worldwide. “Since the team was traveling from Mumbai, we made sure to get a RtPCR test done for all the crew members. The artists were isolated for some time before they could be on the floor and all the camera crew as well as the lights team were also tested. The food served during the day of the shoot was packed and sterilised and extreme caution for sanitization and social distance was taken care of during the production. The line producer ensured to have a floor safety manager on set whose role was to ensure that all the precautionary measures were undertaken at all points of time,” reveals Pacheriwal.

Moreover he noted that on the casting front, the team wanted artists and talent who could do justice to the script and hence all artists were casted from Mumbai to ensure we got the right pool of talent. “We wanted to bring in the best possible options. Screen tests and digital auditions were conducted and we understood their understanding of the script and concept while finalising the artists,” says Pacheriwal.

The campaign has been rolled out digitally across the globe in multiple languages. Shah reveals that the brand is also investing advertising spends on the digital mediums so that the word spread is wide and appropriate. “In parallel to this, many influencers and tea connoisseurs across the Globe are talking about the campaign and sharing their ideas of #NekiHarRoz

We are also running contests and driving for user generated content in which our consumers are talking about the good deeds they are doing and we are rewarding the ones whose stories touch our hearts,” he shares.

The ad commences with the Sheikhs talking about their coming Eid celebrations, which will be impacted because of their hectic work schedules. Mr Chopra is seen standing listening to it all and when the Sheikhs return in the evening, they have a surprise in store. Not only does Mr Chopra make their Eid memorable with a heart-touching gesture, but he also welcomes them into his family with open arms. 

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