How brands aced April Fools' Day pranks on social media

From mock products to practical jokes, here's how brands kept the spirit of the day alive

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Published: Apr 2, 2021 7:43 AM  | 3 min read
April Fools

While the history of April Fool’s Day is shrouded in many legends and hearsays, the day has been a celebration of the gullible human nature for centuries now. Brands and media are using the first day of April to indulge with their fans and followers with some practical jokes, hilarious pranks, and some interesting fibs. This year too, several brands came up with mock products, tricky social media posts, and pranks to keep the spirit of the day alive and left their followers cackling. Here are some of the coolest April Fool’s Day 2021 campaigns by the brands that ruled social media:

Amazon Prime Video India

Amazon Prime’s plan this April Fool’s day was to not dupe their followers, but rather, help them instead prank their friends. The brand then posted a list of handy options that can be used to trick the fans of Amazon Prime’s offerings.


Flipkart took its followers for a ride on Thursday when it announced that it will now accept Bitcoins as a valid mode of payment. The announcement was shortly followed by a tweet that read, “B̶i̶t̶c̶o̶i̶n̶ Supercoin* Oops (Winking face) #AprilFoolsDay (sic).”


Manforce Condoms made a strong point against fake orgasms with their cheeky April Fool’s day post captioned, “It's fake if it's not with Manforce #AprilFools (sic).” The short video asks people to stop falling for fake orgasms and start using Manforce condoms to make the moans real.


While most brands were trying to prank their social media followers with fake products, MTV used the real-life wait for “aish” to happen to remind them that “The Joke Is On Us.” First school, then graduation, then getting married, and then raising your own kids; the joke of life on you, who is waiting to get time out for yourself is the most practical April Fool’s joke ever, that lasts a lifetime. 

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Keventers played a week-long April Fool’s campaign, starting with Holi, to prank its patrons. The brand  launched a limited time period ‘Bhang Flavoured Milkshake’, on the eve of the Holi long weekend with a reveal on April Fool’s Day of how they had orchestrated a well-timed and aptly themed prank around a product that didn't really exist.

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Unacademy used the long-played trick of creating fake carousel posts on Instagram to trick their followers into swiping right on a non-existent photo reel. It cheekily captioned the post, “No one can fool our Learners! (sic.)” 

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Zivame for a moment took their followers' breath away with a “too good to be true” product; the automatic bra that unhooks itself when you reach home. It surely made several ladies stop scrolling and, even if for a moment, visualise perfection.

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