Google looking to strengthen agency partnership relations in India

According to Todd Rowe, Global MD, Google Customer Solutions, India is one of the most important markets for Google globally due to high Internet penetration and growing digital ad spends

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Published: Dec 17, 2019 7:54 AM  | 2 min read



In a bid to tap the growing ad market in the country, Google India is looking at strengthening its agency partnership relations in the country. The Internet giant is not just getting more and more agencies on board but also training the top 1% of the Asian agency partners in with the help of Deloitte Consulting. Aggressive investments are being made to step up agency relations in India said top officials in Google.

“We work with 4000 agencies in India across the board from large agencies like Madison, Omnicon and IPG to social beat, Kinnect, Logicserve, Schbang, Pivot roots and other partners like AdYogi, Infibeam and Quikr and we are looking at getting more inclusive in terms of having more brands work with us,” said Todd Rowe, Global Managing Director, Google Customer Solutions.

According to Rowe,  India is one of the most important markets for Google globally. “The total advertising market in India is growing faster than any other country in the world. Advertisement in India is growing at 14% year over year compared to a global average of 3.6% and a part of that growth is coming through these partners that we work with. Hence we are looking at taking the story forward,” said Rowe.

He also revealed that Google works with a combination of traditional brand agencies that work in TV, radio and digital, and also with agencies that are 100% digital focussed.

Explaining the reasons behind Google investing aggressively in strengthening their agency relations, Rowe said, “Our strategy is to go much deeper and invest more with our partners for empowering the agencies to pursue the half-billion online users that are here. This massive growth cannot be just with Google, it must be with these other partners to utilise the scale and reach of the scope in the market".

According to Rowe, agencies provide Google with scale and providing customer satisfaction. “We need partners to help us to scale,” Rowe said.

In return, Google helps the agencies with product training and product integration; provide assistance in terms of technology and in terms of joint sales activities.

“The way we view it, the agencies are extensions of what we do at Google. We have teams that work with the agencies in every aspect of training, product development, marketing, sales and customer support. Our vision for the years to come is to strengthen this relation to take the India story of digital ad ahead with Google,” Rowe added.

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