Funny Scotch Brite TVC takes the ‘divine’ route to establish longevity

Dramatic flair meets comic relief in the new ‘Legend of Scotch-Brite’ creative by Grey Group for the kitchen scrub brand

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Published: Jul 8, 2015 9:10 AM  | 3 min read
Funny Scotch Brite TVC takes the ‘divine’ route to establish longevity

Scotch Brite, the home cleaning solutions brand, released a humorous ad to re-launch their Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad. 

In a low involvement category with very little perceived differentiation, there are many small players with similar looking green pads. Grey Group, the agency behind the campaign understood the need to communicate the superiority of Scotch Brite in order to stand out from the clutter. Research revealed that the brand stands out from the others, because its key benefit is its long life. The ad agency decided to use this important quality as the main selling point in their latest creative.

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The brief by 3M — creators of Scotch Brite was to elevate the brand beyond a generic in the green scrub pads category. The strategy adopted was exaggeration of the superiority. Commenting on this, Dheeraj Sinha, Chief Strategy Officer, Grey South and South East Asia said, “The focus of the communication is on the benefit of being long-lasting. This is possible because of 3M’s superior technology. But we are talking about a low-involvement category; hence the attempt is to deliver the message in an interesting way. We wanted to take the narrative out of the drudgery of the kitchen sink, where most of the current category communication resides."

The 1.15 minute TVC narrates the ‘The Legend of Scotch-Brite’. A woman washing utensils by a forest well is approached by an old man who asks her for some water which she gives generously. The old man then transforms into a divine being, flocked by two Apsaras (celestial maidens) and, pleased with the woman’s generosity, allows her a wish in return for her kindness. The woman wishes for long life. While granting the boon however, the divine being gets distracted by one of the Apsaras and the ray of ‘magic’ from his palm misses the target woman and instead hits the scrub pad near her. The ordinary scrub pad is magically turned into Scotch-Brite scrub pad – with a long life span.

Industry opinion:

OR Radhakrishnan, Executive Creative Director, Enormous Brands loved the ad. “It’s a great campaign. How different is the new ad from the previous Scotch Brite campaigns? Frankly speaking I don’t remember any of them but I will surely remember this one. Usually, these kinds of ads (scrub pads) are a blank spot for men, because somehow it doesn’t concern them, but this new campaign from Scotch Brite will surely attract men’s attention as well,” he cited.

Chaitanya Joshi, Creative Partner-Copy, Creativeland Asia commented, “It is a cool ad. There are other brands that have used Indian mythology as the hook, but this one, just hits the spot bang on, in terms of execution, casting, jingle and the plot. This is a very low involvement category and therefore, the attempt was to make it entertaining so that it stands out. Even though the duration of the ad is more than one minute, it has put to test every second and none of the scenes are boring. There are enough conversations on social media and people from the fraternity are also talking about it, which is proof that this campaign stands a notch higher than the earlier ones.”

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