Advertising in the metaverse is going to be huge: Nitin Gupta, Xapads Media

Nitin Gupta, Xapads Media CEO, speaks on the changed habits of consumers and how the industry is moving more into digital avenues of advertising

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Published: Mar 24, 2022 8:39 AM  | 3 min read
Nitin Gupta

The pandemic has led to a sea change in the business world. As normalcy returns, people have started stepping out of their homes again, for both business and pleasure, giving brands the opportunity to bounce back with their advertising strategies. Nitin Gupta, CEO, Xapads Media, speaks that this paradigm shift was inevitable and advertising is indeed keeping pace with emerging new technologies that are being used to navigate the ever-increasing streams of data and consumer information.

“It’s all about ease. While people have started going out again, they’ve also become used to certain things over the last two years: whether it’s ordering food or groceries, getting prescriptions and medicines. Even kids have become used to studying from home and many prefer virtual classes even though schools reopened in many parts,” Gupta said.

He pointed out that the change in habits and behavioural patterns of consumers have had an obvious impact on A&M in pushing the industry to more digital avenues. “Despite everything bad and tragic that happened during the pandemic, we have to admit the last two years have been really good for ad-tech. Earlier people barely had time for leisure or exploring new activities or products, but now they can multi-task whether working from home or elsewhere. The eyeballs and clicks have grown tremendously, and all brands, even traditional ones, are spending more and more on digital advertising.”

Gupta notes that Xapads had a first-mover advantage in the space, given its concentration on digital advertising, and that it has built proprietary Artificial Intelligence and data sets derived using Machine Learning to help in the conversion of clicks and views into purchases and spends.

In anticipation of this, Xapads is working on a platform, called Xerxes, set to be released soon. “Since we’ve already built our own AI and ML technologies, we’re the first company in India to generate performance from the programmatic inventory. We’re present in six countries and so far we had only been working in that space with about 20-25 Tier I companies in these regions,” mentions Gupta, elaborating, “Now, with so many more companies, even ones with no real online presence earlier, coming into the digital space, we’re introducing a pay-as-you-go model with Xerxes.”

Gupta says these will allow companies entering the digital space for the first time to test out the waters. They can decide a certain sum that they’re willing to spend and begin advertising immediately, and then take a call on whether and how they want to continue using the Xerxes platform, once they’ve seen the results.

“We are also focusing heavily on the metaverse now. It’s still coming of age and we’re seeing different brands introducing their own meta-platforms,” says Gupta, adding, “Up to even a year ago, it was still limited to a few tech companies, but now we’re seeing retail companies, banks and other products and services engaging with the metaverse, which means there are going to be lots of more advertising opportunities.”

Seeing how brands are flocking towards the metaverse to keep their customers engaged with their products and technology, Gupta concluded saying that advertising in the metaverse is going to be huge. He added that considering this digital demand, Xapads is working on a model to provide metaverse solutions to its sundry clients, using various modalities of AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) and other technologies to help in streamlining their messaging and branding.

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