AdAsia 2011: Synthesising business with spiritualism & Karma

Moving beyond just the contemporary and rational, AdAsia 2011 will be a feast for one’s spiritual senses, leaving one enlightened and rejuvenated for the future.

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Updated: Oct 24, 2011 10:39 AM
AdAsia 2011: Synthesising business with spiritualism & Karma

A conference is an occasion to get exposed to upgraded learning and experiences from practitioners that are contemporary and in sync with the relevant context of time. While one may find a disconnect between characters/ elements in Nature, the fact is that they are absolutely in sync within the realms of diversity. Similarly, the overall content of AdAsia reveals an architectural symphony of sorts. Along with sessions focusing on business of media, advertising and marketing, AdAsia 2011 would enlighten one’s spirit and conscience with discussions on topics like ‘Global Ethos: Managing Unpredictability across circumstances of Life & Business’, ‘Building Brands in a Trust Deficit World’ and ‘India 2020’.

Speaking on the idea behind the content architecture of the congress, Dr Bhaskar Das, President, The Times of India Group & Member of the Organising Committee, AdAsia 2011, said, “In all past AdAsia conferences, the tonal quality was essentially focused on advertising, marketing, media and creativity. While creating the content architecture of AdAsia 2011, we have attempted to capture the unfolding ecosystem, where linear treatments of subjects create multiple obfuscation of reality. We have tried to link business with its conscience. In the new world order, sustainability can no longer be a given. Increasingly, enterprise values get impacted and, hence, genuineness and earning trust are considered important variables. In other words, it’s not merely about financial bottomline, but also another two other bottomlines, viz., social and environmental. Integrity is now non-negotiable, but it makes legitimate economic sense also.”

After our detailed breakdown on the sessions on Advertising - A heavy dose for the creative minds and Marketing unravelled: Mantras of marketing for future, take a look at the sessions that promise to enlighten you at this season of AdAsia.

As more and more companies from India reach out to markets like the US, Europe, Africa and South America, each one is projecting India as a global brand. What would make India a truly global brand in the next decade? What are the aspects to consider for this endeavour? Know how in the session ‘India 2020’, where speakers like Kurush Grant, Executive Director, ITC; Sanjay Kapoor, CEO, Bharti Airtel Ltd India & South Asia; Ravi Swaminathan, Managing Director & Regional VP, Sales & Marketing, AMD India; and Arvind Uppal, Managing Director, Whirlpool India, engage in a discussion on the same with Global Strategist Pankaj Ghemawat.

With zillions of brands selling similar kind of products, trying every method possible to outshine the other, the cacophony emanating from brand declarations have resulted in a “trust-famine” in the mind of the consumer. To add to this, a whirlwind trip through the digital world of earned media would unravel even the uninitiated to this infectious malignancy. So, in this trust deficit world, what are the protocols of brand building? The session on ‘Building Brands in a Trust Deficit World’ will help you navigate through the fog of distrust and emerge as a member of an ‘oligopoly of trusted companies/ brands’.

India has been spiritually inclined since ages. Though the rules of business have changed the equations, a feeling to get back to the roots is still alive. Apart from life, synthesising business and strategy with spiritualism can be equally rewarding. Connect the dots of life and business with the instructions of Swami Sukhabodhananda, Founder & Chairman, Prasanna Trust, in the session ‘Global Ethos: Managing Unpredictability across circumstances of Life & Business’.


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