The Voting Cursor initiative switches the regular cursor on the ScoopWhoop website and their office systems with a modified hand cursor where the index finger is inked and says Go Vote

exchange4media Staff 02-May-2019

The unique initiative switches the regular cursor on the ScoopWhoop website and their office systems with a modified hand cursor where the index finger is inked and says GO VOTE!

exchange4media Staff 29-April-2019

Hint: Not only the first three things that pop into your head

Meghana Bhat 05-March-2019

Advertorial: Things young India loved in 2018 and what they say about them

Meghana Bhat 21-January-2019

We trace the origins of a few massively popular words in the millennial’s lexicon, learn their correct usage and discover their interesting backstories

Arushi Kapoor 24-December-2018

Rohit Bhattacharya, Associate Editor, Scoopwhoop Media, talks about what makes cringe pop so popular on the internet

Rohit Bhattacharya 20-November-2018

Global VP of Content Partnerships, Twitter, speaks about Twitter's Live Video Content Strategy and why Twitter's strategy is unique

Venkata Susmita Biswas 12-September-2018

IMPACT from the exchange4media Group launches the first edition of its ‘40 Under Forty’ list to recognise extraordinary achievers who are 40 years of age or below in the Indian Media, Marketing and Advertising industry

exchange4media Staff 07-August-2018

Vinay has over 13 years of experience in technology and innovation across industries and will be responsible for transforming user experience, innovation in adtech & powering data-driven content.

exchange4media Staff 28-June-2018

Gazabpost, the Hindi content platform has been renamed ScoopWhoop Hindi and will cover everything from entertainment & social news, to infotainment to original video content and series created exclusively for Hindi-speaking youth.

exchange4media Staff 15-June-2018

Rishi Pratim Mukherjee finds his eternal peace at home on a typical weekend by reading his all time favourite books or simply switching off

Anam Khan 24-March-2018

ScoopWhoop becomes world’s first content app to provide ‘exclusive’ tailor-made content at 16,000 ft. and above

exchange4media Staff 10-January-2018

Rishi Pratim Mukherjee of Scoopwhoop on revolutionising trends in digital content consumption

Anam Khan 20-December-2017

With Strmeasy, ScoopWhoop will focus on boosting the advertising offerings, with the help of targeted video ads which have the highest Cost Per Mille (CPM) rates in display advertising

exchange4media Staff 20-December-2016

Meghana Bhat was previously with Webchutney as National Creative Director and Chief Operating Officer

exchange4media Staff 18-November-2016

The rise of instant-loading articles will be beneficial for millions of readers, as it would save page load times significantly. While most leading publications are joining the services, the likes of Facebook and Google are looking to earn more revenue and gain higher readership

Vernika Awal 25-April-2016

2014 will be remembered as a year where the individual overshadowed the idea, says Devarajan Duraibabu, COO, Disha Communications

Devarajan Duraibabu 29-December-2014

BSB Portal Limited will have an effective stake of 36.5 per cent in the entertainment media startup

exchange4media Staff 06-November-2014