‘Data will be crucial not only for public relations but for the entire world’

In today’s edition of ‘PR Outlook for 2022’ series, Nikky Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Teamwork Communications, elaborates on various trends and challenges & on the industry adopting AI

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Published: May 23, 2022 11:10 AM  | 4 min read

The ‘PR Outlook for 2022’ showcases industry stalwarts sharing their views on the shift in the industry towards digitalisation and AI, the transition, current trends, the future of the PR industry, and more. 

For today’s conversation, we spoke to Nikky Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Teamwork Communications, who elaborated on various trends and challenges and also on the future of the industry with AI.


According to you, what are some of the upcoming trends in the PR industry? What are some of the opportunities and challenges you faced so far in 2022?

While the public relations and communications industry was already making significant technological progress prior to the pandemic by analysing data to create a better customer experience, the pace of digital adoption and the adoption of a digital-first PR approach has accelerated since the pandemic. Content marketing and campaign-driven communication, in my opinion, will rule the PR world in 2022.

The new framework, data, and technology will take centerstage. The industry will concentrate on providing the best possible customer experience while taking advantage of the available opportunities. More emphasis will be placed on providing personalized and relevant content.

Change in behaviour is an issue for the industry that will persist for some time. Recruiting individuals is difficult since changing clientele necessitates more skilled personnel. People were unable to enhance their abilities as a result of Covid, and the PR industry has found this to be a difficult issue. Finding the right talent with the right abilities is becoming a problem.

Almost every organisation heavily leverages the digital medium for industrial activities. How do you see the clients focusing on data customisation?

Data will be crucial not only for public relations but for the entire world. Every client wants to measure the impact and understand the results of the campaigns that the PR is bringing. Data customization is the only way to achieve this. The digital medium is based solely on data. 

The PR and Communications industry is now making its way in the age of podcasts. What are the advantages that the professionals can garner from the same?

A podcast is a great way to share your knowledge in your field. Audio files allow you to add an air of authority to the information that is often lacking in the written word by injecting enthusiasm and speaking skills. Regular podcasts with accurate information or ideas help you and your company establishes yourself as an industry authority. Customers want a company that knows what they're talking about, and podcasts help to establish that trust. A podcast is a more intimate way to connect with new customers. They gain a better understanding of your values and business practices. Your listeners have more options for how they listen to the podcast.

Users must pay more attention to the task when reading traditional print articles or visiting websites. Podcasts allow listeners to listen while doing something else. Regular podcasts help to develop the company's brand and make it a household name because of their familiarity and consistency.

How do you foresee the future of the PR industry with the usage of Artificial Intelligence?

In the PR industry, artificial intelligence is already assisting with some of the administrative tasks. This includes things like writing reports, sending out press releases, and compiling media lists. AI has also proven to be useful in the analytical side of PR, such as gathering and analysing data to demonstrate a campaign's ROI or accurately converting data from rows and columns to written text.

In the future, AI will be able to assist in the creation of content such as press releases and product descriptions. News scanning, media monitoring, coverage clipping, social listening, sentiment analysis, and reporting are all tasks that can be done much more quickly and efficiently with the help of AI.

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