Uniform policies in OOH should be discussed: Pramod Bhandula, JCDecaux India

Bhandula, Executive Chairman, JCDecaux India believes that OOH industry in India still has a long way to go to match the standards of matured markets such as the US and China


A veteran in the Out of Home industry, Pramod Bhandula, Executive Chairman of JCDecaux India has a strong experience of 35 years.

Under his leadership, JCDecaux launched the Indian subsidiary back in 2006. Since then, the company has executed some of the iconic campaigns in India.

In a chat with exchange4media, Pramod Bhandula,   Executive Chairman, JCDecaux India spoke about the issues concerning the OOH industry, lack of innovation, growing trends and more.

How would you compare the growth of the OOH sector in India with global developed markets such as the US and China?

We have a long way to go to match matured markets, first, the basics fundamentals such as uniform policies across the country are key and need to be discussed and finalised for better growth of the medium.

According to you, where are we lacking in terms of innovation?

Innovation is related to the secure environment, once it is in place, innovations will be a part of the routine and more creative campaigns will be seen.

What is the foremost trend the OOH industry is witnessing and what new can we expect this year?

The most important is governing principals of the industry, which I feel are on the rise, this year some of the cities might finalise their approach towards OOH and the operations will be carried out more sensibly.

When it comes to business, how would you differentiate JCDecaux from rest of the outdoor agencies? 

Our core values and the trust that our partners have in us is what makes us grow in the market.

What are some of the notable outdoor campaigns you admire?

Amazon prime video, Jeevan Saathi, are among some of the highly visible campaigns.

With so much hype around DOOH and Programmatic, do you think, the industry is still leveraging the full potential of both? 

It’s just a start, it's eventual, I am sure it will accelerate its pace in the coming time.

With the growing demand for accurate audience measurement, how JCDecaux copes up with industry expectation?

We are a part of the industry in India, industry bigwigs have started working towards it, in coming years we will have measurement tools of its effectiveness.

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