"Technology, combined with creativity in OOH, can deliver an amplified effect"

Amul's ads have been highlighting relevant current issues through clever & entertaining hoardings. Pavan Kumar, AGM - Marketing, Amul, speaks on the brand's strategy at the 4th edition of OOH Conference & Awards

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Updated: Mar 21, 2014 8:04 AM
"Technology, combined with creativity in OOH, can deliver an amplified effect"

She was born in 1966 and is still cute, witty, young and vibrant. She is the iconic polka dot dressed Amulgirl with whom we have grown-up, laughed, celebrated, and ate the utterly, butterly delicious Amul. Amul’s advertisements have always brought to light the relevant and current issues from all across the world through witty and humourous OOH hoardings. The medium has unquestionablyhelped in creating an iconic brand like Amul.

Pavan Kumar, AGM-Marketing, Amul, believes that the game of brand building has never been media-specific. Brands are built on relationships and relationships on the other hand are built by staying committed, making realistic promises and keeping them. In order to get a relationship started, you need to have opportunities to meet, connect, engage and attract. “OOH provides immense opportunities to meet and connect with our customers. In the outdoor medium, technology combines beautifully with creativity to deliver an amplified impact and there is no limit to the number of touch-points provided by the out-of-home medium,” he said. According to him, there are no boundaries to innovation in this medium.

Kumar strongly believes that in terms of attracting attention, there is nothing better than OOH advertising. The combination of creativity and technology in this medium has the power to dazzle and attract but he also pointed out that building a relationship goes well beyond the initial attraction. “It is not only about building attraction, but also holding it. There needs to be a sense of excitement and humour to keep the relationship going with customers,” he added.

For the last fifty years, the Amul girl has been covering the most topical and relevant issuesfacing the society in a clever and amusing manner. It is widely recognised as the longest running outdoor campaign in the world. It covers diverse topics such as politics, cricket, Bollywood and international affairs. The campaign has been a huge success due to its longevity, wittiness, topicality and relevance.  Kumar believes that it has helped to keep the brand fresh and relevant.

“The campaign has worked because of consistency in strategy and execution over a very long period of time. The uniqueness of the campaign is that the clients and consumers see it at the same time. The agency doesn’t have to take the approval of the client before releasing the ad. It demonstrates the level of trust that exists between the client and the agency,” he explained.

Kumar emphasisedthat if a campaign is working well, don’t change it. He also shared a few suggestions to build a healthy relationship between clients and agencies. “I want the agency to put themselves in the consumer’s shoes. They should regularly interact with consumers and conduct genuine research. I also want them to go beyond the brief and create innovative formats,” he advised.

According to him, the agencies should understand the client rather than just listen to them. They should understand their business model and industry dynamics. The advertising should be integrated and it should continue over a period oftime.

“The agencies must be willing to discover more and more media options and become the custodians of clients’ budget. The aim must be to effectively utilise the budget that is provided to them. They should also learn to conceive and execute in local languages,” he said.

Kumar was expressing his views at the 4th edition of the OOH Conference & Awards.

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