NEONS Conference & Awards: Turning to OOH in the digital era

At the ninth edition of NEONS, a panel of industry experts discussed why brand custodians turn towards OOH in the era of the internet

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Updated: Feb 1, 2020 12:33 PM
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The NEONS OOH Conference and Awards celebrated its ninth edition last year. While the conference saw the bigwigs from the OOH industry under one roof, this panel discussion became a talking point. At the ninth edition of NEONS, the panel of industry experts discussed “why brand custodians turn towards OOH in the era of the internet”. The session was chaired by Jayesh Yagnik, CEO, MOMS Outdoor Media.

The distinguished panellists included Archana Aggarwal, VP- Media, Airtel; Jaikishin Chhaproo, Media Head, ITC Ltd; Pavan Singh, National Head Marketing, Amul; Pramod Patil, Associate VP, Kotak Mahindra Bank; Sujeet Mishra, VP & Head Marketing Zee Media; and Sai Nagesh, Chief Strategy Officer, Laqshya Media Group.

Yagnik initiated the discussion and asked whether OOH is here to stay regardless of the invention of the internet in our lives. To which Aggarwal retorted, “Every medium has a role to play in an advertisers’ world. I don’t see OOH dying it needs to keep evolving itself and try to meet the new needs of millennials because one of the biggest challenges OOH is facing is that people are busy on their phone. How do you get consumers to start looking outside and see the hoardings?”

Nagesh believes, “The possibilities are enormous. It’s all about placement and context. It’s time for OOH also in the country to change how it looks and feels. It will continue to play a crucial role because millennials are outside from home.”

Singh said, “Whether it's a big or small town, both digital and OOH will continue to make sense and therefore they will be relevant. Digital is the next big way because the internet has changed it but outside bigger cities, data speed is a major problem. So in a smaller town, you put a strategic located static billboard that delivers far better results than digital marketing does. All of them are here to stay.”

“OOH media gives maximum touchpoints to connect and most technological ways to engage and attract a target audience,” he added.

Patil opined, “When we use outdoor, we look for two points. One is reach and the other is impact -- they drive conversion. But that’s not the metric we look for. We admit that we look at OOH as the last broadcast medium, which is too impactful in reach, but should we look toward as conversion medium too?”

“OOH campaigns bring notice in hours, whereas TV takes time. Eighty per cent of visibility comes from OOH, faster than TV. Television takes time, give you higher reach but outdoor builds reach faster,” he further said.

Aggarwal also emphasised the challenges OOH medium is facing, “The biggest problem in OOH is measurability, which most of the mediums have, but Outdoor doesn’t. When we do media analytics, to understand the role of each medium, we look at measurability not from a perspective of how will it drive business, but more from a brand perspective. Is it driving top of mind?”

Chhaproo added, “It depends upon a category and marketing we are operating. The requirement of the medium gets defined by the creative. Placing an ad on digital, as well as on OOH, the time spent is actually similar.”

He also said, “OOH is the only medium, wherein the audience is zero investment. For OOH, you just need to step out of the house. The kind of innovation the medium is experimenting with is unbelievable, but nobody is showcasing it.”

Mishra said, “As a marketer, we look two things from OOH, for us, it’s a campaign, which has to be successful. What we look forward to is the entire integrated approach towards marketing and how this whole integration is going to benefit me as a marketer. If outdoor is presenting something, how it can leverage digital as a medium to drive engagement.”

It will be interesting to see what’s on the agenda for the tenth edition. Well, we are coming back on March 12-13, 2020, in Taj Santacruz, Mumbai. The conference will be followed by an award ceremony where OOH industry leaders will be felicitated.

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