Creative Sprout engages patients with DOOH across 70 hospitals

Hospitals are deploying digital signage systems in lobbies to communicate with audiences in various parts of a hospital.

e4m by Aarti Pahwa
Updated: Feb 26, 2018 10:29 AM

Not only crowded public places like railway, bus platforms and premises, highways, airports, but utility places like hospitals, clinics can host digital signage and be part of digital OOH. Digital out-of-home has high infotainment value as it promotes not only the marketing communications, but also educational content which can be managed centrally as per audience’s context.

Tapping the opportunity, leading OOH media owning firm Creative Sprout a Digital OOH player has installed 3000 digital screens across 70 hospitals across India. Creative Sprout also leverages the power of data analytics by measuring attention, watchers, gender, age and emotions of their audience and provide brands ROI that’s unique to this platform.

Gerald Jaideep, Founder and CEO, Creative Sprout, said, “Hospitals tend to be low distraction, high context environments for brands to connect with potential customers. Given the high information retention intent of the audience in a healthcare setting, Digital OOH platforms are able to deliver patient/healthcare-centric information highly effectively.”

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