Collaboration & cooperation needed to secure OOH workers’ safety: Madhur Khandelwal

At the tenth e4m NEONS Conference & Awards, Khandelwal, Head HSW, Vodafone Idea Ltd spoke about why the industry has to do more to secure workplace safety for OOH workers

e4m by exchange4media Staff
Updated: Mar 13, 2020 8:31 AM
Madhur Khandelwal

A man tied up in harnesses putting up a huge flex by the roadside is a common sight, but is his harness tied safely and is the harness anchored well? Madhur Khandelwal, Head HSW, Vodafone Idea Ltd questions the safety aspect of OOH workers on the field.

At the Neons OOH Conference 2020 in Mumbai, Khandelwal highlights the kind of safety hazards the workers face while on the job. Khandelwal talks at length on the issues and urges the industry to take the safety of these workers seriously.

Khandelwal points out some of the common hazards faced by the workers while putting up flexes on billboards, “The clamps on which the workers balance or climb on are not strong enough. The same clamps are also used to anchor the harnesses but the quality of these clamps is such that they hardly provide any support. This is the same person who is responsible for bringing us business and delivering on the behalf of all of us, but we do not do much from our end to secure his safety when he's at the job,” he said.

According to Khandelwal, the workers are sometimes provided with appropriate gadgets but that too has some loose ends. “The intent is there but proper training is not provided to the people as to how to use the tools of safety,” he said.  

“Are we checking these aspects or we just bother about what is the kind of business a hoarding is getting,” Khandelwal questioned. “Before engaging workers in the job, we should not just get the proper gadget or safety tools but also ask ourselves if other safety standards are maintained and if proper training is imparted to the workers on site because safety breach can cause a bruise or a cut and can also cause a fatal fall. All fall from an approximate height of 1.8 meters can create an impact of 23 Kilo Newton,” he added.

Khandelwal mentioned the need for having a uniform benchmark that can create sustainable standards for the industry to maintain. “We need collaboration and cooperation to secure the workers' safety because our business is dependent on them,” he said.

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