Billboards & posters are passé as brands opt for targeted OOH to connect with consumers

Brands such as Uber, Paytm, EaseMyTrip, Senco are leveraging targeted OOH to reach out to a specific audience, and industry experts say the results have been positive

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Updated: Sep 12, 2019 9:39 AM


Uber OOH

Has an elevator ride ever got you a discount on your next buy? It will now. OOH is now trying newer formats. The new one in the market is targeted OOH, where brands are putting up special ads for a specific audience. For instance, special ads are being created for places like lifts, autos, bus terminals, airports, cabs etc with special promo codes on them. Recently, Senco Gold & Diamonds had advertised with top builders to do target OOH and offered a 25% discount on gold jewellery by using a specific code that was available on the lifts of the apartments.

Brands like Uber, Paytm, EaseMyTrip have also tried and tested this medium to reach out to the target audiences, and according to industry experts, the results have been impressive.

“Out-of-Home (OOH) offers the opportunity for much greater targeting than any other media barring digital. It has seen a rise on our Times OOH properties where we profile our audiences by day, time and location. In the case of e-commerce clients across sub-categories such as Travel and Tourism, Cab aggregators, OTT platforms, they are using OOH as a niche messaging platform,” said Rohit Chopra, Chief Operating Officer, Times OOH.

He added, “Uber has had special intercity codes displayed on our sites. At Delhi and Mumbai airports Paytm has used targeted campaigns for travellers so that they are encouraged to use UPI at the retail outlets. EaseMyTrip has taken up a long term branding opportunity at mobile charging stations Mumbai airport where they run special codes to get more app downloads and ticket bookings through their apps. And these are only a few examples from the lot.”

Not only e-commerce, but hospitality clients such as Fairfield by Marriott have used promo codes for a special offer for a Bed and Breakfast plan at the departures zone at airports, since these are frequented by business travelers.

Indrajit Sen, independent consultant says, “If brands are putting up such promotional offers in elevators, offices, residential areas, then research must have been done. This is what programmatic advertising is all about, where you know target audiences and you have enough information about the medium itself.”

Adding, “With such medium, you tend to create novelty factor in terms of innovative placement so that it becomes an unforgettable experience for the people who are seeing it. If the selection of the placement is good, then it’s worth it.”

So, how impactful is this medium?

Chopra says that “Increasingly OOH media is becoming very powerful as it effectively allows brands to communicate relevant messaging to relevant audiences. These targeted campaigns are like low-hanging fruits since they are used contextually, in the vicinity of the areas where they can actually be used. Hence, it is quite impactful and has the ability to drive on-the-spot sales. For example, If Ola or Uber use codes right at the arrival area at the airports, they know that when the travelling audience makes the cab bookings, there is no reason why they will not use the code that is flashing on the media site. Another example is the Burger King ad at Mumbai Metro – where they used OOH media to announce the launch of their outlet.”

How does this help in measuring reach?

Chopra adds, “Brands can very well track the codes used and from which area, which helps them develop metrics for ROI. At Times OOH, we assist brands with the required information such as audited footfall figures at the location of our media and when this is coupled with the data on the voucher/code usage, they can understand the engagement better. Furthermore, this helps them plan their future offers and campaigns effectively.”  

According to Rajeev Arora, CEO of Adventure Media, the kind of visibility that an auto-rickshaw provides makes it a unique and effective medium. Advertising on auto-rickshaws is witnessed by a large variety and section of commuters every day. It renders easier possibilities of making sure that the message gets absorbed by the travellers as well as pedestrians. It is always visible on the road and has a captive audience. It is a unique and effective medium,” says Arora.

Arora further added that autos are cost-effective and give value for money. “To replace a regular auto hood it takes around Rs 600 and I don’t think there is any other medium which as cost-effective as this one.”

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